How To Build Your Teaching Profile So You Can Teach and Travel


Written by Becky Khalil

Going to a Yoga teacher training is one of the most exciting steps one can take on their Yoga journey. The atmosphere, the community and the spiritual growth are alone enough for anyone who is on this path to gain a boost in confidence, direction and courage. Not to mention the adventure of travel as many Yoga teacher trainings are in exotic places such as India, Bali, Thailand, Spain, Guatemala and Australia. These are some of the top countries to find the best Yoga teacher training courses and where Shanti Atma Yoga also operates.

So, you are on your way…

You have everything planned and you cannot wait! You are literally bursting at the seams. You arrive, you make friends for life, connect on a level deeper than the soul and feel forever bound to this conscious community by the transformational experiences you have had together. You have learned more about yourself than you ever imagined and your entire life has essentially been turned around. You are ready to step out into your truth and help this world, one person at a time.

You know that you have had the lessons and should feel ready… You have gone through asana breakdown, yoga asana, yoga philosophy, yogic anatomy and most of the teaching methodology. You have started teaching in small groups and asked questions day in and day out…so why don’t you feel fully prepared for when you leave this bubble?

You are probably thinking things like…

Am I going to be able to get a job?
Is anybody going to want to hire me?
If they do, am I going to be able to live off my wage?
Will I be able to teach workshops?
Where will I be able to teach?

The main question that you are probably thinking is,…
Am I going to be able to travel and teach….and be financially rewarded for my experience, value and efforts?

This is the dream, right?

The answer is Yes but there are some simple steps to help you get there:

  1. Gain as much experience as you can

Going through a Yoga teacher training course is an ind-epth experience. However, one Yoga training course is not enough to give you everything you need to know. Even 5 Yoga training courses cannot give you enough. Why? Because real knowledge and wisdom comes from experience. At the very beginning of the journey there is one thing that every “yoga teacher” lacks, and that is experience. The only way refine your personal and unique teaching style is to practice teaching and to do that you need classes with human people in them 😊

  1. Say Yes to teaching voluntarily (for a while)

I am not saying that everyone should volunteer their Yoga teaching for their whole life as Yoga teachers spend many years building their profile, experience, knowledge and skill set to teach effectively, functionally and safely. What I am saying is that by saying yes to a volunteer placement you open up your opportunity to gain the experience we spoke about above. This experience is more valuable than the few $100’s you will ern in those respective classes.

yin yoga teacher training

  1. Create a Yoga resume

You may not think this is necessary but the Yoga industry is huge and, just like any other industry, when it comes to looking for employee Yoga teachers, the employer is going to want to hire the best suited and most experienced. Try to avoid saying cliché things like “I am passionate about sharing Yoga with all walks of life” or boosting your ego through pen and paper by emphasising where and for how long you have taught Yoga. While this is important, this is not primarily what studio owners may be looking for. What they are looking for is your charisma and the style and energy (along with experience!) you bring to the table, or shala in this instance.


  1. Play the long game

Learning Yoga is a lifelong commitment and this means so is teaching Yoga. As you develop through your life personally, you develop through your life professionally, and this doesn’t only refer to people working in the corporate world. It very much goes for the Yoga world as well. You may start off resonating with a certain style of Yoga and accumulate many hours of teaching experience in this particular style, and then one day realise that you resonate more with another style. Or perhaps that you resonate less with Yoga asana and more with Yoga philosophy, or less with Ayurveda and more with Chinese Medicine. All of this is ok and is natural evolution of your Tao. Playing the long game is one of the best mindsets and approaches you can have if you want to keep developing yourself personal, professionally and authentically as a Yoga teacher.

yin yoga teacher training

  1. Keep going to Yoga Teacher Training Courses

The worst thing any Yoga teacher could do is stop going to Yoga teacher training courses. To be encapsulated by “Yoga teacher syndrome” is one of the most damaging mindsets that can and will cost you your Yoga career. “ Yoga teacher syndrome” is where a Yoga teacher believes they know enough to not go to any more Yoga teacher trainings. Like I have mentioned above, playing the long game requires a lifetime of studying and teaching to really master the authentic evolution of this tradition through your voice. So, if you feel one day that you have even an ounce of Yoga teacher syndrome then check in with yourself and commit to learning and diving in deep to explore more knowledge and gain more experience, from a place of humility, not ego.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone and apply for centres, studios and lodges worldwide

If you do all of the above and practice tapas (staying disciplined and committed) to each point then you  will be worthy of teaching anywhere. Not only because of your experience but because of your nature. Remember it is not only your technique that is important. When you have a fully rounded, holistic package that you bring to an eco-lodge or a Yoga retreat centre, coupled with the fact that you have committed yourself to staying professional, keeping yourself trained, knowledgeable and dedicated to gaining as much experience as possible, you have 100% more chance than winning a stella teaching position than someone who strides out of a training and lacks any real experience, knowledge or gumph.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Some people dream to travel and teach because it is an escape. Some people dream to travel and teach because they want to spread the benefits of Yoga to all corners of the earth, helping in mind, body, spirit and soul. A Yoga employer will be able to tell which one you are within minutes.

We have a variety of Yin Yoga training’s that keep topping up your heart, mind and soul:

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Residential Yin Yoga Teacher Training:

Yin Yoga Teacher Training: 100 hour Functional Anatomy and Chinese Medicine
Yin Yoga Teacher Training: 100 hour Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness
Yin Yoga Teacher Training: 80 hour Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra
Yin Yoga Teacher Training: 50 hour Neuroplasticity and Mindfulness
Yin Yoga Teacher Training: 50 hour Essential Oils and Emotional Intelligence
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