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100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine

The Course

You will leave this course with:

Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering
 Solid knowledge in fascia and functional anatomy
 Strong foundation in the Chinese 5 elements in relation to Yin Yoga
 Be able to teach with advanced foundations of teaching methodology
 Confident ability to sequence from multiple approaches
 Powerful understanding of how to adapt your teaching based on who is in your class
 Cohesive and confident ability to construct holistic Yin Yoga sessions
 Ability to empower people through Yin Yoga
  Be a more conscious teacher
An invaluable experience
YACEP Certification

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Course Summary 

Functional Anatomy: This course will give you the fundamentals and foundations needed to teach Yin Yoga safely. You will gain an intelligent understanding of how you can adapt the practice for different body types, exploring the bio-individuality of your body and its uniqueness upon everyone. You will be able to transfer all of what you learn to other styles of Yoga to enable optimal functioning of body movement through physical asana practice.

Chinese Medicine: Discovering the roots of Yin. Breaking down the 5 Chinese elements you will be opened up to another world pertaining to Yin Yoga. Incorporating Taoism into your practice will give you a deepened meaning and intention to what is beyond the asana. You will be prepared to teach from a both a functional  and an energetic point of view.

Art of Teaching: This is where you develop your teaching technique including responsibilities, communication, cueing, sequencing, art of propping, adapting the practice for who is in your class, creating a safe space and practicum. This is where we help you convey the tradition of Yin and Yoga through your authentic teaching, in a safe way and intelligent way.  

Interview on Functional Anatomy 
Interview on Chinese Medicine 

The Day

Week 1: Functional Anatomy, Fascia and Art of Teaching
Week 2: Chinese Medicine, 5 Elements and Art of Teaching 

Morning Nurturing Practice:
This is the main practice of the day and is Yin yoga with mindfulness and meditation. The first week will have a strong focus on the functional approach to yoga, functional anatomy and the unique bio-individuality of the body. Targeting the physical body you will incorporate physical target areas and visit multiple propping technique for myo-fascial release through Yin Yoga.
The second week will have a strong focus on the energetic approach to yoga, targeting the energetic dimension of the body, incorporating Chinese 5 elements.

This is the juicy bit of the course where we will have the opportunity to intricately break down the components of Yin Yoga and reveal what it all means. In the first week we break down skeletal variation and dive deep into fascial studies. The second week is an introduction to Chinese Medicine, 5 Elements and Qi (energy, prana, Ki, vital life force).
Some of the theory classes will have supporting educational videos and workshops to accompany the lecture. This session is to give you the scientific and theoretical foundation needed for a deeper understanding of experiential Yin yoga

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Academy
Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Art of Teaching and Asana Breakdown: These classes are where we will breakdown what it means to teach yin yoga. This is the ‘how to’ and the ‘why’. You could call this the ‘behind the scenes’ of yin yoga teaching. The art of teaching is a discussion-based class and participation from students is welcome and encouraged. Asana breakdown is a practical class where we break down the Yin yoga asana (target area, cueing, propping). This requires small group work from students for experiential learning. This session is ultimately about you and to build your teaching expertise.

Evening Empowering Practice:  Evening practice incorporates a multitude of inner practices that range from yang styles of yoga and movement to a meditation circle.

This course will take you through a journey like no other. You will get the chance to get to know yourself, to come home to yourself and most importantly to nurture, nourish and love yourself whole hardheartedly. This is where heart meets human and human meets soul.

Functional Approach to Yin Yoga – 50 Hour
  • Functional approach to yin yoga
  • Yin and yang asana practice
  • Meditation practice
  • Mindfulness practice
  • ​Muscle mandalas with physical target areas
  • Skeletal and muscular system
  • Fascial studies
  • Myo-fascial release workshop
  • The approach of bio-individuality
  • Tension and compression theory and workshops
  • Art of teaching (teaching methodology)
  • Responsibilities of a Yin Yoga teacher
  • Cueing and sequencing workshops
  • The art of propping and asana breakdown
  • Mind-body connection
  • Observation of a Yin Yoga class
Energetic Approach to Yin Yoga – 50 Hour
  • ​Energetic approach to yin yoga
  • Yin and yang asana practice
  • Mindfulness and meditation practice
  • ​Anapanasati Meditation
  • Energetic target areas
  • Chinese Medicine and 5 Elements Theory
  • Yin Yang Primary Organ Meridian Channels
  • Theory of Yin, Yang and Qi
  • History of yin yoga
  • Art of teaching
  • Techniques to boost confidence and overcome obstacles
  • Teaching practicum with feedback
  • Yin and Pregnancy
  • Group work and study time
  • The art of propping and asana breakdown
  • Observation of a Yin Yoga class
  • Marketing your yoga offering


  • 3 home cooked meals a day (on residential courses)
  • 11 nights accommodation
  • 100 Hour of Yin Yoga education
  • Daily Yin Yoga practice
  • Evening Yoga practice
  • 5 Elements yoga session
  • Two modules:
  • Yin Yoga & anatomy: Fascial studies and theory on the functional approach to yoga
  • Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine: 5 Elements and theory on energetic approach to yoga
  • Learning materials ( Manual and Yin asana guidebook)
  • Welcome Bag
  • Yoga Alliance CDP Certification
  • Theory and interactive learning ​
  • Art of teaching / Teaching methodology
  • Introduction to philosophy
  • ​Myo-fascial studies and active workshops
  • Yin Yoga asana breakdown workshops​​
  • Inspirational and positive learning environment
  • One on one time with the teacher
  • Use of aromatherapy during yoga sessions (optional)
  • Postural Clinics
  • Group work exercises
  • Sequencing and communication workshops
  • Developing self- practice from physical body into mental and emotional sphere
*In between module 1 and 2 there is one day off*

Experiencing is fundamental to learning
This course offers you the time to slow down and work on bringing yourself back into the parasympathetic nervous response. This is where rejuvenation, relaxation and restoration reside. On a practising level, you will dive deeper into the connection of yoga asana, meditation and mindfulness, both on and off the mat.

On a teaching level, you will significantly enhance your teaching style and technique with your personality. You will refresh your knowledge of functional anatomy, fascial studies  and the bio-individuality of the body through experiential workshops and theory sessions.You will be introduced to Chinese Medicine, the 5 elements and will develop an art of teaching to teach Yin Yoga in a creative and efficient way.

**This course has a strong thread of art of teaching**
The art of teaching will prepare you to understand the responsibilities of being a Yin Yoga teacher, looking at key aspects within teaching methodology. Being an experiential, positive and inspirational learning environment, you will embody the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual realms within the Yin Yoga practice from two points of view: the practitioner and the teacher.

International Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali
There are two parts to the training:

Functional Approach
This part of the training explores the understanding of unique bio-individuality of the human body. This can be translated not only yin yoga, but our day-to-day practices. You will be introduced to functional anatomy, the fascial system, tension and compression, skeletal variation, muscle groups and target areas, asana breakdown, art of teaching and the art of propping. Propping is taught in a unique way but can be adapted to all other styles of yoga asana.

Energetic Approach 
In this part of the training we will break down the essence of the energetic body and how we can teach Yin Yoga from this approach. Breaking down Chinese Medicine theory, Yin Yang Theory and the 5 Chinese Elements you will gain new insight as to how we can benefit from yoga, how Qi (energy) flows around the body. We will layer onto the depth of philosophy by looking at the history of Yin Yoga from its original roots; the Daoist point of view.

What you will gain from this course:

  • A 100 Hour YACEP certification (Yoga Alliance Continuing Educational Provider)
  • Follow a true path in yin yoga
  • Confidence in yourself and your ability
  • Sound introduction to Yin Yoga
  • Strong understanding of mind-body-breath connection
  • Insight into the largest communication system of the body : Fascial Web
  • Be able to incorporate techniques into and advance teaching and self practice
  • Broaden your teaching expertise with knowledge from a yin perspective
  • Have a strong foundation of the art of teaching Yin Yoga
  • An invaluable gateway to self development
  • Opportunities to practice your teaching skills
  • Offer your students a new style of yoga which complements and balances other practices
  • Offer your students a new style of yoga that works with the physical, energetic, mental and emotional dimension of the body
  • Have tools to facilitate a practice that leans towards holistic health and wellness
  • Understand the target areas of the body for myo-fascial release using Yin Yoga as a primary technique
This course will take you through the fascia, function and energy of yoga so that you can expand your expertise and experience in practice and teaching.

I require some Yin in my life. This course was great. What Becky, Gabs and Michelle did was amazing all from the 4 bodies, 4 principles, anatomy, chinese medicine & 5 elements, sequencing and the villa and the heart warming group of people.I learned how to take Yin and Yoga off the mat which was one of the best results of the course as well as learning to theme with the 5 elements. I hope to run workshops with the help of Becky and her mentorship. What you do at this school is amazing, thank you – keep dong it! Arna

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Dates

March 19 -30 2022
Portugal, Algarve
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

April 8 – 19 2022
Spain, Malaga
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

May 20 – 31
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

June 17 – 28, 2022
Spain, Malaga
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

July 30 – August 10, 2022
Australia, Sunshine Coast
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

September 24 – October 5, 2022
Portugal, Algarve
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

October 1 – 12, 2022
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

November 5 – 16, 2022
Portugal, Algarve
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP