Rest Your Body ~ Revive Your Mind

This is a different kind of Yoga holiday…

-632Days -13Hours -56Minutes -8Seconds

Until The Magic…


Yin ~ Yang
Rest Your Body I Revive Your Mind

8 – 15 September, 2020


  • Food
  • 7 Nights accommodation
  • Daily Reviving Morning Yang Yoga
  • Optional Discussion groups
  • Optional Workshops
  • Daily Restful Evening Yin Yoga
  • Welcome Bag
  • Journal
  • One on One consultation with lead teacher
  • Retreat Bliss
  • Like-minded community Love
  • Unforgettable boutique experience
Your Reviving Day
8.30Energising Yang style practice (Hatha, Vinayasa, Sivananda)
10:00   Breakfast
Free Time
Morning optional one to one session
1.30pm Lunch
Free time

Your Restful Evening
17:45 – 18:45   Restful Yin style Practice
20:30-21:00     Optional Meditation & deep relaxation

“I didn’t realise how much I needed this time for myself. The experience as a whole was just perfect. There were places to walk so you didn’t have to be around people all the time and then it’s so nice to eat as a community. This retreat was the perfect balance!
– Jose, Austria

Done  with doing, need more being?
Claire is here for you!
 After your time at Rest & Revive Retreat you will be a new person!  This is why you should gift yourself what you deserve and join!

On this Rest and Revive boutique yoga retreat you will revive and restore your yin and yang natural rhythm

Waking up to the beautiful Spanish mountains opens up your day with grace. Starting your morning with Yoga offers your mind some space. Nourishing your body with earthy food feeds your soul at the base. Slipping into the evening with Yin leaves behind any trace!

Experience the Restful & calming effects of different Yin techniques. Explore the Reviteslising & energising  Yang techniques.

With the space and time that you deserve you will have your holiday delight!  You will recharge your batteries while developing your yoga practice and have the opportunity to learn something new!
Whether you are looking for relaxation, to learn something new, to deepen your understanding and experience of Yoga, or some time out, this holiday bliss is for you!

You will receive a wide offering promoting the restful revival of each dimension of your mind – body – spirit. You will feel AMAZING!

Here is how…..

Experience the Reviteslising & energising Yang Approach to Yoga
– To help focus the mind – Mental Body
– Increase the flow of QI – Energetic Body
– Find strength and mobility – Physical Body
– Increase happy hormones – Emotional Body
Discover the best techniques for you & how easily they can become part of your daily routine, to keep yourself energised.

Explore the Yummy Yin Approach to Yoga
– To help calm the mind – Mental Body
– Relax the nervous system – Energetic Body
– Assist recovery – Physical Body
– Relieve stress – Emotional Body
Discover which techniques work best for you, so you can integrate them into your life when you return home & continue to keep yourself rested and calm.



“This space is exactly what I needed. It is so healing, peaceful and really gives you a lot of space. I love the energy of the teacher and the vibe of the whole retreat. Thank you for giving me a piece of myself back” 
– Nina, USA

“I cannot thank you enough for being there for me on this retreat. I loved that we were a small group. The classes were so much more than I thought thy would be AND I learned so much about how to develop my practice.  The difference between the yin and the yang classes was just perfect and I feel whole leaving. I am a human again! Thank you for making such a huge impact ” 
– Michelle, USA

Serenity is awaiting for you

Unforgettable Yoga Retreats and Wellness Experiences that take your breath away

Feel Rested. Recharge Yourself. Get Away.  Love Yourself.