What is Yin Yoga?

– Svadhyaya is a sacred form of Yoga Development –

In short: 
Yin Yoga is a multifaceted approach to weaving the energy of yin and the tradition of yoga together via connection of the 5 dimensions of the body.

There are many ways in which to define and understand Yin Yoga. However, first we must pose this questions that will define the answer: ‘What are you coming to the practice for?’

In Long:
Regarding these 5 dimensions of the body, we can approach Yin Yoga in multiple ways:
(to read more about the 5 dimensions of Yin Yoga click here) 

Using floor based asana, in a slow and tender way, tension and compression is placed through a certain area of the body. Manipulating the shape of the body with props, the tensile force has permission to be gently absorbed by the fascial network system, heavily and mindfully supported, while navigating the landscape of comfort in its physical entirety.

However, Yin Yoga cannot be isolated only by its physical practice. In fact we use the physical sensations, positions and target area focus to enter the relam of the mind. By focusing and centering the mind on one aspect of the practice we induce and invite in a meditative scope of practice

Yin is an energy, coupled with Yang. One cannot exist without the other. While Yin Yoga is a new and modern style of Yoga, ultimately it is an energetic approach to the practice of Yoga. We practice Yoga in a Yin way with principles that embody Yin.

By facilitating a space for the self to drop into the practice with permission and care, the body natural moves into the parasympathetic nervous response. This is one of 3 responses (fight, rest, freeze) and works towards the healing aspect of body-mind-spirit. This greatly involves the emotional dimension due to its organic fluctuations defined by the nervous system response.

Yin and Yoga are coming from two different traditions:
Yin is underpinned by a Taoist philosophy and tradition
Yoga by Yogic philosophy and tradition
It is the fusing of these two traditions that underlay Yin Yoga with the depth of spirituality and ancient philosophical teachings and wisdom

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Level 1 Yin

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Learning how to teach Yin safely and intelligently, making the practice accessible to all body types, is the first step to becoming a holistic Yin Yoga teacher. By tapping into the roots of Yin and Chinese Medicine,  you will be able to teach from a philosophical space as well as the physical lens.

Level 2 Yin

–  Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness –

Integrating Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness into your teaching will help you move beyond the asana, and support your students in their spiritual evolution. By accessing the internal landscape in a safe way you can start to touch upon the deeper dimensions of the Yin practice in your teaching.