Profitable Yoga Teacher Mastermind

– Start attracting your soul tribe –

Have you been thinking about how to make a Yoga business profitable and still aligned?

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Mastermind will help you grow your community with confidence, transition into full time teaching with certainty and serve more people with expertise, so that you can live a life of purpose.

Whether you are just starting or you have had a business for a while, the mentorship program will help you get clear, build confidence, get more students and generate consistent income, in a way that is unique to you, your offering and your essence of who you are as a Yoga teacher.

Whether you teach Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative or any other style of Yoga, and want to attract consistent students, you’re in the right place.

Helping people teach intelligently

Years as a Yoga Teacher Trainer

Helping people teach intelligently

Years of Successful Yoga Business

Empowering Yoga teachers to live their dream

Yoga Teacher Students

Transforming their vision into reality


Whether you have an online or in person offering, sharing your story and your message to  increase your visibility and attract your tribe has never been more essential than it is today.

Through this 6 month mentorship program you will be guided and supported in how to stand out with your spark and how to fill your classes, workshops and retreats. By learning how to implement a valuable and experiential marketing ecosystem your future students will feel held and heard even before deciding to work with you.

So that you can keep doing what you do best – Teaching Yin & Yoga to help empower your students on their healing journey.

The journey of building your ecosystem to attract your tribe comes in 8 steps:

Step 1:

By getting clear on your vision, and giving yourself permission to dream, you can start to map out how to turn your ideas into reality via a smart plan of action

Step 2:

By understanding the power of your mind, and learning how to harness it, you can get to the roots of limiting beliefs and break through the barriers that hold you back. Working on your mind is more than just positive thinking, its mindful awareness and a state of mind that you induce for success.

Step 3:
Connect & Influence

By crafting a marketing message that is unique to you and your offer, you will connect to the right people which you can help the most. Connecting to the right people with the right message allows you to increase your visibility and position yourself in a light that shows how you can impact your potential students.

Step 4:
Your Offering

By creating a unique offering with a smart delivery ecosystem, you will generate security and stability for the year ahead, you will feel safe to know that you have consistent revenue potential  while nurturing and empowering your students.

Step 5:
Experiential Marketing System 1

By offering a high value gift, and implementing a nurturing flow of value that is individual to you and the essence of your offering, you will be able to grow your community with the right people, build your email list while positioning yourself as the go-to teacher / retreat / studio for your specific niche.

By flipping marketing from a 1 dimensional transaction into 5 dimensional experience, the people who decide to work with you will know they align with you, making their purchasing decision easier and more confident.

Step 6:
Experiential Marketing System 2

By consistently growing a hubspot for your community through a monetised FB group, you will be able to consistently bring value to your community and increase your credibility as a Yoga teacher. 

By implementing a marketing system that is both value and permission based means that your community and potential students will feel nurtured and held by you, focusing on alignment between you and them.

Step 7:
Student Acquisition Flow

By having a set sales system in place your enrollment system will be smooth and secure, and converting your community into paying students will be simple and effortless.

Step 8:
Growing Your Reach

By growing your reach you will also grow your revenue potential. With all other steps in place it’s now time to expand your network and your business by paid ads.

Optional: Add Yin into your offering

Yin is becoming increasingly popular due to the exceptional healing journey through its 5 dimensions (physical, energetic, mental, emotional & spiritual).

By adding Yin into your offer, you will transform the value to your students by helping them access the internal landscape and enter into. a state of deep restore and consciousness.

Something that is deeply individual to the Yin space is working with the nervous system intricately, inducing a state of nourishing growth rather than living in fight, flight and survival, something that can destroy the nervous system over time.

What’s included?

150 Hour Yin Yoga Training:

  • Functional Anatomy,
  • Chinese Medicine,
  • Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness
  • Art of Teaching

Lifetime Access

By learning to teach Yin through the 5 dimensions, adding the 3 non-negotiable pillars of practicing Yin in an authentic and safe way, your teaching will become more intelligent, holistic and responsible, helping your students to dive deeper into the healing aspect of the practice, both on and off the mat.

Profitable Yoga Teacher Curriculum 

  • Attracting your soul tribe 
  • Experiential marketing ecosystem
  • Grow your community
  • Generate consistent income

Lifetime Access

By implementing a simple and powerful marketing ecosystem that is designed and proven specifically for Yoga teachers, you can save years of trial and error. Instead you can focus on filling your classes, workshops and retreats with the people who love you the most.

Personalised Coaching

  • 5 x one to one sessions
  • Personalised to you
  • Personal and professional development

6 Months

We understand that it’s not a one size fits all when it comes to building your community and business. Through the personalised coaching you will have 5 private 1:1 sessions with each one of our coaches who specialise in mindset, marketing, offering & sales.

Astrid: Netherlands
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Development 
Joto: Venezuela
Content Creation & Development
Becky: UK
Yoga Business Strategy & Implementation
Matt (Sharky): UK
Mindset Coaching

Unlimited 1:1 intimate support

  • Private Chat Thread with Becky 
  • Emotional and Energetic Emergency support
  • Instant Solutions

6 Months

By having unlimited support personally by Becky at the end of the phone for the entire program, you will never have a moment alone.

Group Mentorship & Community

  • Weekly Accountability
  • Group Inspiration
  • Increase Confidence and Self Belief
  • Private, Mentee Only Group

6 Months

The weekly live coaching and mentorship is where you will be able to get clear on how to deal with what is coming up that week, ask all of your questions and get any content reviewed. The best bit is that we record the sessions and give the replay access in our mentee only facebook group. So you can watch the sessions from before you were in the program too.

Accountability Coach & Support

  • Turn Vision Into Reality
  • Accountability
  • Powerful Action Taking

6 Months

Just like teaching Yin isn’t a “one size fits all”, neither is the training journey. Throughout your experience you will have an accountability coach to help you keep momentum in moving through the program, while staying inspired and motivated, to make sure you have the support that you need.


Our guarantee is that if you do not make your investment back by the end of the program, Becky will continue to work with you until you do.

Success Stories

Amanda, Canada
Anna, USA

Lacey, UK

I never really understood before

The theory was explained in a way that I never really understood before. It has helped me to use rebounds differently to feel the shadow of the pose. The theory has really helped me apply the teaching into my practice on a much deeper level. What we are doing, how we do it mindfully and how to properly teach in this way.

Like   Reply    10h

Michelle, Australia

AMAZING! Life changing . Motivating . Self-Empowering . Quality . Quality . Quality

I found it difficult to compare the price that was double what I paid in India for my 200 hour course. If I had known the quality of the course and the teaching I would have easily justified the price without hesitation. I didn’t know if I was going to like the teacher but got over this after a scroll on Instagram. I gained a lot of confidence in knowing how flexible you can be with Yin Yoga in order to let your true self shine through to help change lives (in self and in others). I 100% recommend this course – YES! Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light. See you soon!

Like   Reply    5d

Sergii, Ukraine

I didn’t have an a-ha moment, I had an a-ha 10 days!

Amazing, truly amazing! Such a great experience. These Yin classes are the best I have ever experienced and this course is the best I have attended amongst my previous 3 training’s. The quality of teaching and teacher training is so high and the lectures are so exciting. I hope that you can see my happy face. Your classes are powerful. Thank you, you are the best

Like   Reply    1w

Fay, UK

I really appreciate the holistic approach and openness

I wanted to join this course but I also felt like I needed a rest. This course allowed a lot of time for reflection and self care while I also learned a lot. Yin Yoga has always been a transformational aspect of my life and I wanted to learn to share this with others. I have now gained more confidence in how to integrate these principles into Yoga and how to lead a more Yin like life. Thank you for your energy, authenticity and advocacy of this beautiful and powerful practice.

Like   Reply    8w

Arna, Kazakhstan

What you do at this school is amazing – Don’t stop!

I need some Yin in my life. I learned so much about taking Yin Yoga off the mat and into my life – something I need to do more often. This course was great. What Becky, Gabs and Michelle made with the villa and the amazing group, I learned and took away a lot! One of the best parts was learning to sequence and theme classes to help me run workshops soon with the mentorship of Becky. Incorporating the 5 elements with the practicality and principles of Yin has been incredible.

Like   Reply    20w

Jerry, China

Great is not enough to describe this experience.

Learning this course changed my life and my views on living and loving. I love Becky’s teaching style, she can always explain abstract things to make them tangible to understanding. I know more about human anatomy and spirituality. It was the greatest experience I have ever had and my 4 year academic experience would not match that of this 10 day course. I would recommend this course 1000% to anybody who is interested in Yin Yoga.

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Love and light, Becky