Yin Escape Retreat

– Love Yourself Radically – 

10 – 13 May
Andalusia, Spain

Your Experience

Ready to take some time for yourself for self to fill up your cup and give yourself some tender loving care?

In this majestic mountain villa, surrounded by nature, you will disconnect from the busy world and reconnect with yourself for some radical self care.

Through the power of an embodied & holistic Yin & Yoga practice, you will experience the true essence of harnessing the Yin spirit within.

Surrounded by the elements and breath taking scenery, our intention is for you to nurture & nourish your mind, body and soul so that you can replenish and live your best life

Want To Win The Entire Retreat For Free?

We believe in helping people access the power of Yin to support mental health, emotional well-being and harness the spirit of Yin. That means that one person will win the entire retreat for free.

The first 6 people to secure their space at the retreat will be put into a raffle to win the entire retreat experience for free.

To find out more about rooming and self care investment options, please send in an application.
To enter into winning the retreat please send in an application and then secure your space to Join us.

What You Will Experience

  • Reconnecting back to yourself
  • Space and support in letting go
  • Meditating in the mountains
  • Making friends with other spiritual practitioners
  • Practicing Yin through the 5-diemensional approach
  • A deeply healing environment
  • Inspirational and breath-taking scenery
  • Time for yourself to nourish your soul
  • High vibrational group
  • Tapping into the intuitive and intelligent nature of Yin
  • Love

What will you receive:

  • Vegan, Homecooked Food (With Our Personal Chef)
  • 3 Night Accommodation (Twin or Private)
  • Retreat
  • Practice, Meditation & Circles
  • Workshop
  • Transfer to Venue
  • Andalusian Nature Walks
  • Gift Bag
  • Continuing Ed Credits (Yin Teacher Training Students Only)
  • Gift Bag
  • Love

– Rejuvenate & replenish with your own private room –

– Explore Yin in a beautiful retreat while making lifelong friends in a twin room –

1. Retreating:

Imagine waking up to the birds, beginning the day with gentle meditation and movement. Then brunch by the pool, followed by a refreshing dip in the water. The sun draining away the stress and replacing happiness, laughter and relaxation.

By taking some time for yourself you’ll give yourself some well deserve rest and respite from every day life.

2. Community:

By meeting like-minded and heart felt Yoga practitioners, just like you, you will feel reconnected in an ever growing isolated world.

Sharing stories, pulling cards, and sipping tea among the mountain energy will revitalise your spirit and fill up your cup for your every day life.

3. Yin:

By endowing yourself with the Yin energy and spirit, you will regulate your nervous system and come back down into the parasympathetic nervous response.

Tapping into the introspective and nourishing elements of the Yin practice, you’ll be able to connect with Tao while releasing and relinquishing all that doesn’t serve you.

Lead Teacher: Becky Khalil
Owner & Lead Yin Teacher Trainer

The core belief of Shanti Atma Yoga is that self love, self care, a positive environment, and taking a moment for yourself is the greatest healing one can have. Becoming in alignment and truth with your raw, true and real self towards abundance is where the beauty begins. We invite you on this journey of exploration with us.


Shanti Atma Yoga has a driving passion in sharing the way that Yin yoga can be the basis of slowing down and finding Dao in life. This has always been a driving force for extended research, special workshops & healing retreats. The 5 Dimensions to Yin give Becky and her team a lifetime supply of inspirational ways to create classes, workshops and retreats to make Yin accessible to all walks of life.

Ready to give back to yourself?

Step 1: Send in an application to learn more about rooming options, self care investment and how to Join us.

Step 2: Secure your space & Join

Step 3: Wait For Announcement For Winner

Step 4: Experience Yin bliss and beauty on this journey in the majestic mountains of Andalusia.

**Only the first 6 people who secure their space with us (sign up) will be entered into winning the retreat**

We can’t wait to spend this time and energy with you.