Live Workshop:
Teaching Yin Through The Lens of Yin Philosophy, Chinese Medicine &
5 Elements

– To Deepen The Purpose of Your Teaching –


15th December, 2023
4pm UK Time
(Replay Available)

Dive into the the roots and tradition of Yin and bring it all to your students in an intelligent and inspiring way.

This is where Yin Yoga teachers facilitate deeper healing


Teaching Yin Through The Lens of Philosophy: By uncovering the Taoist tradition behind the asana, you will learn tools & techniques to connect the eastern tradition to your students in this western world, so that you can start teaching beyond the asana, to cultivate a true Yin purpose and intention through your facilitation.

Chinese Medicine & 5 Elements: The Chinese Medicine part of the training takes you into the roots of Yin. Breaking down the 5 Chinese elements you will be opened up to another world pertaining to Yin Yoga. Incorporating Taoism into your teaching and practice will give more depth and meaning to what is behind the asana.

***REPLAY: If you are unable to make it live and would like the replay then please purchase the workshop, follow instructions and email to let Becky know that you have booked and will not be attending live***

How will you develop

  • By looking at what Yin is, where it comes from and what it means traditionally,  you will be able to start teaching beyond the asana to cultivate a deeper meaning through your facilitation
  • By learning tools and techniques to connect the eastern tradition to your students in this western world, your teaching will curate a special and unique form that offers something different than the typical Yin class.
  • By learning how to activate your teaching methodology to teach Yin philosophy through your classes, workshops and retreats, you will be able to facilitate a more profound offering, confidently and knowledgably, that helps your students evolve in their journey.
  • Breaking down the 5 elements and the Taoist tradition, you will be opened into a new world pertaining to Yin Yoga, giving your teaching more meaning behind the pose.
  • Including practice, theory, discussion and teaching methodology, you will walk away with a new way of thinking about how to teach Yin beyond the physical and why it matters.
  • You will be able to implement new ways to tap into the western mind with holistic influence from the eastern tradition of Chinese Medicine and its 5 element
  • Ultimately, by learning how and why Yin is not a physical practice, and that true Yin lays within the energetic system of the body and spirit, you will be prepared to teach Yin safely and holistically from a multidimensional approach.
  • Ability to empower people through Yin Yoga and become a more conscious teacher

Yin Yoga Class

You will experience a class focusing on taking the body, mind and spirit through a Taoist journey.


This is where we intricately break down the components of teaching Yin through the lens of philosophy, and reveal how it’s the basis of the spirit of the practice. You will be able to link practice and theory together for a fundamental understanding and experiential learning.

Art of Teaching:

This is what it means to teach yin yoga. This is about the responsibility of teaching Yin Yoga and facilitating the space.

Discussion & YACEP Certification:

This is a teacher training workshop where you will have the opportunity to discuss what you’ve learned. Upon completion you will receive a YACEP certification.

Success Stories From Our Community

Paige, Canada

My students can already feel a difference! 

I really learned a lot. I have so many pages of notes. I am so excited about this journey. It is so nice to have the feedback and chat about everything I am going through like this. It is just so nice to have your teaching!  

Like   Reply    8d

Amy, Australia

Online course is perfect!

I have absolutely LOVED week 1 of the course. The way you present it and the speed of your voice is just so perfect, really above and beyond what I expected!

Like   Reply    2w

Sophie, UK

The approach of Shanti Atma is real and well balanced!

This is a proper course, after which you feel confident about your practice and the knowledge gained. The teachers are present with you all the time 100%. Meaning they are concerned with everyone understanding and sharing proper and accessible knowledge. I probably jumped into learning about Yin Yoga, so taking this course allowed me to level up experience and knowledge . It lightened up a few key areas of my yin teaching that my students appreciate a lot. I have great feedback! Great school and team! I would go back on training any day!

Like   Reply    4w

Michelle, Australia

AMAZING! Life changing . Motivating . Self-Empowering . Quality . Quality . Quality

I found it difficult to compare the price that was double what I paid in India for my 200 hour course. If I had known the quality of the course and the teaching I would have easily justified the price without hesitation. I didn’t know if I was going to like the teacher but got over this after a scroll on Instagram. I gained a lot of confidence in knowing how flexible you can be with Yin Yoga in order to let your true self shine through to help change lives (in self and in others). I 100% recommend this course – YES! Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light. See you soon!

Like   Reply    12d

Marthe, Norway

I love the structure

Thank you for this course. I love the structure of it, the way you explain everything and the way it makes me feel.  I learned a lot in only two days, that I already used in my class.. 

Like   Reply    5h

Francesca, UK

I am so glad that I did this course!

I just slipped into a trance. You are an amazing yin teacher and I can already tell I am so happy that I did this. I did not know this much about fascia at all as we didn’t go through it on my last yin training.

Like   Reply    15w

What you Get

  • 90 Minute Live Workshop Replay
  • Learning Materials
  • Reading List
  • Practice
  • Discussion
  • YACEP Certification

15th December, 2023
4pm UK Time
– Replay Available –

>> Start curating special and unique classes, workshops and retreats that offer something different than the typical Yin class and expand the world your students step into.

What you will gain:

  • Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering
  • Solid foundation of the basics of Yin Philosophy & Chinese Medicine
  • Good understanding of roots of Yin Yoga
  • Ability to teach Yin with more meaning and purpose
  • Ability to help empower people through Yin
  • Be a more conscious teacher
  • A more holistic approach to Yin in alignment with its tradition
  • Ability to bring Yin philosophy into your classes, workshops & retreats


15th December, 2023
4pm UK Time
– Replay Available –