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– Transform Your Teaching Beyond Asana –

Want to transform the lives of your students with the healing power of Yin? Learn how to teach from the 5-Dimensional approach, with knowledge & confidence, so that you can dive deeper beyond the physical asana.

Start teaching Yin inclusive and safely, beyond the asana with the 5 non-negotiable pillars in this 7 hour YACEP course.

Learn how to authentically and effectively get your message out there to attract your tribe in this marketing toolkit & training.

Learn the key fundamentals to teaching Yin intelligently & safely, to make the practice accessible to all in this training video session.

Dive beyond the asana, into the mental landscape to learn how Yin is intricately linked with positive psychology and how to use that in your teaching, from this training interview with positive psychologist, Mary Diaz.

Continue the journey into the mental landscape and uncover the scientific and spiritual connect of mindfulness, breath and positive psychology in Yin, from this training interview with positive psychologist, Mary Diaz.

Discover how Yin taps into the emotional sphere through the lens of positive psychology, and how to harness its wisdom in your teaching, from this training interview with positive psychologist, Mary Diaz

Learn how to teach Yin to access the mental landscape safely – a gateway to the invisible and intangible transformations of the practice in this training video session.

Continue to dive into the body-brain connect in Yin to learn how to transform your teaching to offer the experiential benefits of the internal landscape. in this training video session.

Want to teach Yin for emotional wellness and heightened emotional intelligence? Learn the hidden nuances, not spoken about in Yin trainings, in this training video session.

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– Where Principles of Yin, Spirituality, Holistic Health & Personal Development Come Together –

Pranamaya, Meditation and Mindfulness – 100hr

Dive into the breath behind asana, the mind behind meditation and bring it all to your students in a safe way.

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Amanda, Canada
Anna, USA

Lacey, UK

I never really understood before

The theory was explained in a way that I never really understood before. It has helped me to use rebounds differently to feel the shadow of the pose. The theory has really helped me apply the teaching into my practice on a much deeper level. What we are doing, how we do it mindfully and how to properly teach in this way.

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Michelle, Australia

AMAZING! Life changing . Motivating . Self-Empowering . Quality . Quality . Quality

I found it difficult to compare the price that was double what I paid in India for my 200 hour course. If I had known the quality of the course and the teaching I would have easily justified the price without hesitation. I didn’t know if I was going to like the teacher but got over this after a scroll on Instagram. I gained a lot of confidence in knowing how flexible you can be with Yin Yoga in order to let your true self shine through to help change lives (in self and in others). I 100% recommend this course – YES! Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light. See you soon!

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Sergii, Ukraine

I didn’t have an a-ha moment, I had an a-ha 10 days!

Amazing, truly amazing! Such a great experience. These Yin classes are the best I have ever experienced and this course is the best I have attended amongst my previous 3 training’s. The quality of teaching and teacher training is so high and the lectures are so exciting. I hope that you can see my happy face. Your classes are powerful. Thank you, you are the best

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