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Passionate About Empowering People’s Lives With Yin &Yoga But You Need More Training?

Start Teaching Yin & Yoga With Confidence, Knowledge & Expertise

Even If You Have Been Teaching For Years  

 ↣ Become a high quality Yin & Yoga teacher

↣ Deepen your knowledge beyond the physical

↣ Master Your Teaching Methodology

↣ Walk Your Spiritual Path in Truth


Develop Confidence In Your Yin & Yoga Teaching In 3 Simple Steps

1. Select Your Training & Apply

Training courses include physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual approach to teaching Yin Yoga. Courses are both residential and online and you have over 800 hours of training in total to chose from, across multiple courses.


2. Develop Expertise in Practice,

Theory & Teaching

Gain the foundational and non negotiable education in every area needed to teach  Yin Yoga confidently and safely. In residential courses benefit from small groups and lots of personalised training. In online courses benefit from a variety of learning experiences and financial tiers.



 3. Teach Quality Classes With Confidence & Truth  


Receive your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP) Certification upon completion of the training and showcase studios and schools the depth and quality of your teaching as a result. Create your own opportunity to travel and teach anywhere in the world.  


Is This You?


Yin Teacher Training Courses 

Connect With Tao 

– Where Principles of Yin and Self Empowerment Come Together –


Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100 Hr


Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness
100 Hr


Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness
50 Hr


Emotional intelligence & Essential Oils
50 Hr


Yin & Yoga Nidra
80 Hr


Yoga Philosophy Training Courses 

Yoga Philosophy

5 Koshas & Life Management
100 Hr

Yoga Philosophy

History, Lineages, Traditions
300 Hr

Yoga Philosophy

Traditional Yoga Nidra 
100 Hr

What Is It Like Training With Us?

↣ You will be welcomed into our community with open arms

↣ You will be supported every step of the way

↣ You will grow and never look back

Our Students’ Journeys…

The approach of Shanti Atma is real and well balanced!

This is a proper course, after which you feel confident about your practice and the knowledge gained. The teachers are present with you all the time 100%. Meaning they are concerned with everyone understanding and sharing proper and accessible knowledge. I probably jumped into learning about Yin Yoga, so taking this course allowed me to level up experience and knowledge . It lightened up a few key areas of my yin teaching that my students appreciate a lot. I have great feedback! Great school and team! I would go back on training any day!

Sophie, UK

This is worth it a million times over!

Price wise, quality wise, teaching wise – I am so happy that I came here. I learned so much and I am ready to share. I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much. It doesn’t feel like too much. I am ready to share! I am happy and connected! 

I am inspired with how you have put together such a holistic course that gives people space to be them and at the same time empowering them! 

I can not recommend this school enough! It is aw inspiring!

Letty, USA

Our Spaces

– Where all of you is welcome. Every. Last. Piece. Where you will find solace and freedom. A place to be You –







Training Dates


March 12 – May 31
Yoginah, Reading, UK
Blended Learning
Yin Yoga 100 Hour
2 Part training
Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine

May 22 – June 26
Live Online
Yin Yoga & Neuroplasticity
50 Hour


April 22 – May 3, 2022
Spain, Malaga
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

July 30 – August 9, 2022
Australia, Sunshine Coast
Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
100hr  YACEP

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