100 Hour Yin Yoga Training

Neuroplasticity,  Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence 

This course will give you:

Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering

Solid foundation of neuroplasticity & emotional intelligence

Fundamentals of the emotional brain and it’s connection with Yin

Science of body-mind connect

Connection between mindfulness,meditation & Yin

Understanding of why Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ

Advanced teaching methodology

Strong ability to teach at a higher level that functional anatomy

Facilitate a class & workshop that is beyond the physical and deeply purposeful

Be a more conscious teacher

Time to self for development and exploration

Course Summary 

Neuroplasticity: This course will take you into the brain on Yin Yoga like no other training. Understanding the inner workings of the brain, the neuroplasticity of how and why it functions in the way that it does, will give you a strong understanding of patterns and behaviours that unconsciously affect our everyday living.

Yin Yoga: You will be walked through how we can use Yin Yoga as a positive tool to re-wire our brain, both in theory of science and teaching methodology, as well as your experience of application to practice.  This will not only highlight the power of our brain, linking directly into the theory of mindfulness, but will give you a fundamental understanding of the brains power and capabilities

Emotional Intelligence: Diving into emotional intelligence you will learn how to acknowledge and manage your emotional ebb and flow using Yoga and essential oil practices. Not only your Yoga path will be empowered but your understanding of how to manoeuvre and navigate your teaching from an emotional aspect will flourish, exploring why and how emotional intelligence matters more than IQ.

Aromatherapy: Discovering the earthy power of essential oils and their connection to the emotional body, you will learn how to use their interplay with emotional intelligence in Yin Yoga classes to  promote emotional well-being, both on and off the mat. 

Art of Teaching: Developing your teaching technique to facilitate a class beyond the basics, being mindful of the challenges in each dimension of our existence,  adapting the practice for who is in your class to create a safe environment to practice in, internally and externally. This is where you craft your authenticity in your teaching.

Interview on Neuroplasticity 

What is Aromatherapy

The Day

Week 1: Yin, Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness with the Art of Teaching
Week 2: Yin, Emotional Intelligence & Aromatherapy with the Art of Teaching

Morning Nurturing Practice:
This is the main practice of the day and focuses on Yin Yoga from the mental landscape and raising emotional awareness.  We will dive into the depths of what it means to fully present in the mind, journeying into the fuller scope of Yin Yoga, we will attend to mental and emotional habits and how one can break free from what holds us back, using Yin Yoga a positive tool for self- development.


This is the juicy bit of the course where we will intricately break down the components of Yin Yoga in relation to the mind and mental and emotional landscape. Breaking down the neuroplasticity and linking it to meditation and mindfulness will give you a confident and new angle of understanding when teaching Yin Yoga responsibly. Adding on the layer of emotional awareness you will learn how to soothe the nervous system and emotional brain with essential oils, creating a nurturing space for Yin and restorative practice. These classes specifically evaluate, question, discuss and develop the topics which make up the backbone of teaching safely from the mental and emotional dimension.  Some of the theory classes will have supporting educational videos and workshops to accompany the lecture. This session is to give you the scientific and theoretical foundation needed for a deeper understanding of experiential Yin Yoga and how it connects to mind and spirituality.

Art of Teaching: These classes are where breakdown what it means to teach Yin Yoga. This is the ‘how to’ and the ‘why’. The art of teaching is a discussion-based class and participation from students is welcome and encouraged. When it comes to teaching from the mental space we must dive deeper than simple cueing and sequencing. This is your chance to understand how to support your students through their transition into the mental landscape in a safe and nourishing way. This is the most important part of being a Yin Yoga teacher.

Asana breakdown is a practical class where we break down the Yin yoga asana (target area, cueing, propping). This requires small group work from students for experiential learning. This session is ultimately about you and to build your teaching expertise. This allows you to learn how to keep the physical body safe while nurturing the gateway to the mind.

Evening Practice: Evening practice incorporates a multitude of inner practices that range from yang styles of yoga and movement, to a meditation circle and spiritual practices.

50 Hr Yin, Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness

  • Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Practices
  • Roots of Yin Yoga
  • Neuroplasticity intro
  • 7 Rules of Neuroplasticity
  • Re-Wiring Your Brain Through Yin
  • Mindfulness Theory & Integration
  • Specialist Guest Lecture on Positive Psychology
  • Yin Yoga, Meditation & Brain Waves
  • The Missing Link of Yin Yoga
  • Your influence as a Yin Yoga teacher
  • Practical workshops
  • Observation of a Yin Yoga Class
  • Art of Teaching & Propping
  • Art of Asana Support
  • Group Work 
  • Self Study

50 Hr Yin, Emotional Intelligence & Aromatherapy

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Aromatherapy
  • Limbic System & Olfactory System
  • Bridge Between Mental & Emotional Landscape
  • Teaching From A Subtle Space 
  • Science of Body – Brain Connect
  • Practical Workshops
  • Art of Teaching & Propping
  • Art of Asana Support
  • Bringing this practice off the mat
  • Practicum and feedback
  • Group Work
  • Self Study


  • 3 Meals a day (residential courses)
  • Accommodation (twin share unless private is available)
  • 100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • Welcome Bag
  • Learning Materials
  • YACEP Certification
  • One on One Time with Teachers
  • Like-Minded Community
  • Small Group
  • Intimate and personal learning experience
  • Space to Develop & Flourish 
  • Interactive learning ​
  • Art of teaching / Teaching methodology
  • Introduction to the deeper dimensions of teaching Yin
  • Yin Yoga asana breakdown workshops​
  • Inspirational and positive learning environment
  • Retreat
  • Like minded community
  • Group work exercises
  • Study time
  • Developing self-practice beyond Asana

Experiencing is fundamental to learning 
You will be walked through how we can use Yin Yoga as a positive tool for mental and emotional health.

**This course has a strong thread of art of teaching**
The art of teaching will prepare you to understand the responsibilities of being a Yin Yoga teacher, looking at key aspects within teaching methodology. Specific techniques shall be shared pertaining to meditation and mindfulness based on the concept of neuroplasticity. This is where your teaching skill will develop. 

Being an experiential, positive and inspirational learning environment, you will embody the physical, energetic, mental and emotional realms within the yin yoga practice from two points of view: the practitioner and the teacher.


Small Groups = Time With Trainers
We believe that no Yoga course is effective without giving time for integration, questions, answers and support that are personal to you.  Working with students on a one on one basis is what puts this course apart from others. Every student receives time to ask questions to trainers on how to confidently move forward with their Yin Yoga teaching path. When we are unveiling the power of the mind, we must have space to consistently ask questions. We acknowledge that and facilitate that.

Yin Yoga brings you home to yourself, where you become whole 

What you will gain from this course 

  • Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering
  • Solid foundation of the basics of neuroplasticity
  • Science of body – mind connect
  • Strong understanding of how the brain works in Yin Yoga
  • Advanced teaching Methodology
  • Ability to teach Yin Yoga at a very high quality
  • Ability to help empower people through Yin
  • Carry a class that means more than functional anatomy
  • Teach beyond the asana
  • Help your students safely access the mental landscape
  • Help your students bring Yin Yoga into their life, off the mat
  • Be a more conscious teacher
  • Time to self for development and exploration

This course will take you through a journey to expand your expertise and heighten your senses in Yin, Yoga and the Brain

I needed a breath of life in my yoga practice. I needed a different angle on Yoga that the one I currently had. I really enjoyed the focus on ‘how to’ teach. I feel that this was something I was greatly missing in my teaching. Yoga can be an open source to everyone and I realised how many ways there are to uniquely teach Yin Yoga. Thank you! Om, Shanti Shanti John

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Dates

October 29 – Nov 9

Yin, Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence