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You answered many questions left open after previous workshops
– Angela, Brazil 

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I never really understood before 

The theory was explained in a way that I never really understood before. It has helped me to use rebounds differently to feel the shadow of the pose. The theory has really helped me apply the teaching into my practice on a much deeper level. What we are doing, how we do it mindfully and how to properly teach in this way. 

Lacey, UK

AMAZING! Life changing . Motivating . Self-Empowering . Quality . Quality . Quality

I found it difficult to compare the price that was double what I paid in India for my 200 hour course. If I had known the quality of the course and the teaching I would have easily justified the price without hesitation. I didn’t know if I was going to like the teacher but got over this after a scroll on Instagram. I gained a lot of confidence in knowing how flexible you can be with Yin Yoga in order to let your true self shine through to help change lives (in self and in others). I 100% recommend this course – YES! Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light. See you soon! Michelle, Australia

It was perfect, I felt so much lighter

I did my YTT 200 in October 2018 and has since been teaching smaller private classes on the yacht that I work on, so I am not a very experienced teacher. After having completed my Yin yoga training I felt a lot more confident. Rebecca is a very dedicated and inspiring teacher with deep knowledge and passion for what she teaches. Which made being taught by her a gift in itself. My teaching methodology has improved a lot as well as my anatomy and physiology. We were a small group of 6 students with Rebecca and two teacher assistants, so there was a lot of room for the individual and one on one time.

  Binni, Sweden

This course is really amazing!

This course was really amazing. It helps to understand how to be an amazing Yin Yoga Teacher. Becky provides all required materials and is dedicated to what she does. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this course. Thank you Becky for a life changing course!

  Marcin, UK

I love that Becky called me before the course. It was a personal touch and I like that.

I have been taking yin yoga classes and workshops and had previously owned a yoga studio but felt the need to know more about Yin. This is the course that resonated with me the most. I already know how Yin Yoga changes fast pace of life but I didn’t realise it would do this. I now act, talk and think in a calmer way. I can’t say how much this course has been an eye opener and I didn’t expect to gain this amount of knowledge. The course is presented in perfect portions and I can’t wait to attend the next level. Elvery, Indonesia

The experience has been so warm and accommodating

I am a new yin yoga teacher as I just started my journey in 2018. I wanted to learn and go deeper because I have a passion to share this yoga with my students and family. This experience has transformed my reservations, knowledge, fears and hesitations into something that will make a big difference as a teacher, wife, student and woman. The most important thing I learned was the art of propping and mindful wording while teaching. This experience is for everyone who is into Yoga, student or teacher. Thank you for being so accommodation since day one of communication, months before the course, until the last day. You made everything so accessible – You rock! Krishna, Philippines

Best investment I have ever made!

Honestly, thank you so much fo the incredibly well run and informative training! Got to be the best investment that I have ever made.

  Kelsey, New Zealand

It was great from the beginning to the end!

Becky is a great Yin yoga teacher. She is very good in making clear what the relationship is between the different parts of yin yoga. The Chinese Qi and how to bring it into a yoga perspective. I enjoyed the course from the beginning until the end! I wish my English was a little better, because Rebecca is an enthusiastic teacher and she wants to teach as much as possible in the given time D, Brunei

What you do at this school is amazing – Don’t stop!

I need some Yin in my life. I learned so much about taking Yin Yoga off the mat and into my life – something I need to do more often. This course was great. What Becky, Gabs and Michelle made with the villa and the amazing group, I learned and took away a lot! One of the best parts was learning to sequence and theme classes to help me run workshops soon with the mentorship of Becky. Incorporating the 5 elements with the practicality and principles of Yin has been incredible. Arna, Kazakhstan

I have fallen in love with Yin!

I thought I was coming to this ttc to offer my students more and to make my classes more accessible. But it has made me more accessible to myself. I have fallen in love with Yin and parts of myself. I have now started a journey to free myself from blockages. I have finally found what was causing my digestive problems. Here are some words I connect with this training: Real self care. Forgiveness. Letting go. Consciousness. What real relaxation feels like. Claire, UK

I loved every minute of it

I was recommended this course as I wanted to add another string to my bow and help fuse anatomy with spirituality. I was worried about how I would get on with the other people on the course but it was amazing! Everything was very well planned and thought out including timetable, food, accommodation. I enjoyed every minute of it – I feel like the course was made just for me. I learned how creative you can be with Yin Yoga. It is rare to meet someone who has such a wide range of interests and knowledge and so to see how it can all come together in a course, from your heart, is so inspiring. I recommend this course! Elif, UK

Inspiring! Learn to teach beyond the asana!

I love Yang yoga but feel that Yin is transformational for both me and my students. I wasn’t sure that I was qualified enough but this course has inspired me in how to understand and teach yoga way beyond the asana. I now know how to bring the different components together meaningfully and put together a class that is useful for both on and off the mat. I 100% recommend this course! Liane, UK

I don’t need to compare myself to others anymore

When we did the rolling Om meditation for 30 minutes I felt so connected to my body and to everyone else in the room. I feel a lot more confident in my practice and I don’t feel that I have a need to compare myself to others so much anymore. I have learned way more than I expected Chrissy, UK

Great is not enough to describe this experience.

Learning this course changed my life and my views on living and loving. I love Becky’s teaching style, she can always explain abstract things to make them tangible to understanding. I know more about human anatomy and spirituality. It was the greatest experience I have ever had and my 4 year academic experience would not match that of this 10 day course. I would recommend this course 1000% to anybody who is interested in Yin Yoga. Jerry - China / New Zealand

I intuitively decided to join this course and as a result I learned that we start out journey when we are supposed to.

I intuitively decided to join this course and as a result I learned that we start out journey when we are supposed to. I felt safe to share a deeper part of myself within the safe environment created and the experience was amazing. I have already recommended this course to others. Namaste, Goddess. Jacqueline Joy – New Zealand

I am very happy and grateful that I did this course.

I am very happy and grateful that I did this course. It has been a journey with lots of learning, remembering and refreshing. It has been a great experience for me. I saw so much dedication, passion, preparation, knowledge, wisdom and care in the classes. Becky made me feel proud as a woman. I enjoyed the training so much and how real Becky is in class as well as being very professional. Clarissa - Chile

Thank you Amanda for being my guiding light along the path of life

I’m a range of emotions today, raw, vulnerable, infinite, expanded, observant, introspective. My friend, my teacher Amanda, thank you for being a guiding light along the path of life. Words simply don’t express my full gratitude for this experience with you, and, the beautiful souls who shared the space of being ‘truly’ present…. so much love, so much to give, so much to continue to learn. Each day has been a step closer along the path in the journey toward home

Linda, New Zealand

One of the best bits of the course was the eye gazing in the ‘fire’ class which really added an additional depth and element to the overall experience.

I am a physio therapist and I was really intrigued to learn how to integrate myo-fascial release and the energy within traditional Chinese Medicine into a yoga practice, as these are my favourite tools in physio. I have no words to describe how fantastic the experience was. One of the best bits of the course was the eye gazing in the ‘fire’ class which really added an additional depth and element to the overall experience. Jessie C - New Zealand

I have been self-studying yin for a while and it all felt right and in the flow to attend this course which has been grounding and engaging for me.

This course is artfully crafted. It is robust, detailed and easy to follow. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to gain confidence, deepen their knowledge base and come into a deeper relationship with self, community and yoga as a whole. I leave this training feeling inspired and empowered to move forward as a teacher of yoga and in life. Gabby - Australia

This was a journey of empowerment, ownership and knowledge from Amanda

I love the authenticity of every teaching offered throughout this training. Amanda is a honey pot of knowledge and offers her experience in such a beautiful, empowering way. It’s hard to put on finger one what I loved most about this training but one thing that will stay with me throughout my journey is the empowerment, sense of ownership and knowledge of self that Amanda embodies and encourages for her students. This will be a message I carry through my teaching and life

Charlie, New Zealand

I have learned so much from all the different topics covered.

I joined the yin yoga course because I wanted to reignite my understanding of myofascial release and anatomy knowledge as well as Chinese medicine / energy. I also wanted to deepen my personal theory and experience of yin yoga. I have learned so much from all the different topics covered. I would commend the amazing level of knowledge and how experiential the classes are in terms of physical, emotional, mind and spiritual realms. Julian – UK / New Zealand

This course far exceeded my expectations

I am a vinyasa and acro yoga teacher and I have tried teaching Yin Yoga a few times but have felt unprepared. I have learned so much and really valued how passionately he aterial is delivered. I feel like I now have the confidence to deliver a comprehensive and informative yin yoga class which is beneficial for body and mind. Lauren, UK

You have changed my life in 10 days

I loved absolutely everything but mostly the journey from the self, through the self, to the self. You have changed my life in 10 days. I am so excited to go out into the big wide world

Georgia, New Zealand

This 100 hr Yin Yoga course was wonderful

Anatomy was covered with a special focus on fascia and how it relates to Yin Yoga. Overviews of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist philosophy, Buddhism, and Yogic philosophies were all covered during the course as well as safe asana practices. Each day we got a new Yin Yoga practice and after the class, in lecture, we learned more in depth what we experienced. Holly, USA

This course has been very beneficial.

It has really helped me understand the concept of active propping and the rebound in between the yoga asana. I have really refreshed and gained teaching skills. I feel I really got the why and the how of myo-fascial release and yin yoga. I also understand my own practice a lot more now. I loved it! Thank you for sharing it with us. Bridget, Australia

It’s been great and I have taken home a lot of new information.

I have been teaching yoga for 3 years and I really wanted to broaden my knowledge. I now understand that Yin Yoga and the principles to teaching and practicing Yin is that it is an approach which can be enhanced with the intricate art of propping. Joto, Venezuela

Becky really should be a house hold name in Yin Yoga.

Becky is a fountain of knowledge and has a unique talent for eloquently blending together the various theoretical aspects of Yin/Yang asana, fascia, anatomy, meridians, traditional Chinese medicine, and also blending 8 limbs of Hatha Yoga, Buddhist principles, and mindfulness meditation in a harmonious way that left me feeling far more knowledgeable and empowered as a Yin teacher than ever before. There was a solid scientific foundation of ‘why’ Yin should be taught a certain way, upon which the more subtle energetic and spiritual elements were overlayed.

Furthermore, Becky achieved all of this whilst creating a very safe and sacred space for us to all be on our own inner journey of self exploration and discovery, through practicing all of the techniques, which is where the real experiential learning takes place. This was all within the intimate setting of a smaller group training, where we formed close bonds and were each able to connect with the training share our experience from heart in a way that simply isn’t possible in the much larger group trainings. Becky really should be a house hold name in Yin Yoga. This is the one – Thank you Becky. Tim - UK

I came home with such a wealth of knowledge.

I had a much more spiritual and deeper experience than my 200 hour course in India. I have gained a sense of empowerment and life tools, that for me, are invaluable. I waited too long for this experience. I thought I would learn some stretchy poses but how wrong I was. Thank you for sharing your amazing depth of knowledge with passion and joy. This experience exceeded my expectations. Carol, UK

What a course and what an experience.

Becky is a wonderful teacher and she has put together a really well-rounded course. She manages to teach the basics and so much more. She goes deeper into theory than any of us expected! all in two weeks! I feel very privileged to have been a part of this course and a part of an amazing group of people. Thank you! Tara, Spain

When you can come away from a course with knowledge, self growth, physical expansion and new friendships it is the ultimate.

I did just that and more in the beautiful surroundings of Catalonia. Becky’s knowledge and wholesome understanding of yoga/meditation, anatomy, Chinese medicine, and art of teaching is impressive and she has such talent to convey this information to her students. Thanks Becky for creating a beautiful space for all of us to learn, grow and shine and thank you to the all the phenomenal women that participated. Nadia - USA

Yin yoga is such a beautiful practice and Becky introduced us into the course in such a gentle manner.

I loved all of it – mind, body and spirit. The guided practices were perfect. It was true harmony. The theory tutorials were very good and were packed full of information which gave me plenty to digest, review and follow up on. Sue - UK

I have been looked after every step of the way

After retiring from a very stressful career I was looking for a change of direction that included a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This was my first teacher training course and I have been looked after every step of the way. I am a person who likes to know the science behind any practice and this course provided this as well as many lines of inquiry I can follow up on. Thank you Becky, your knowledge and passion are an inspiration. I admire you for your energy in spreading Yin Yoga and yourself to others. Sheila, Australia

Going through the elements was absolutely amazing!

I decided in my training in India that I would like to specialise in Yin Yoga as well as strengthen my personal practice. I loved that the course was separated into two modules. It made the journey through body, mind and spirit much more understandable. I also loved the link with Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine. It makes so much sense now in terms of practice. . I want to say Thank you to Becky for creating this amazing course and sharing your knowledge and your passion!

Please, come to Egypt

I came to the course because I wanted to add Yin Yoga to my teaching skills as well as having time to relax for myself. The experience was amazing and I loved all of the information that was shared. The speed of the sessions and the breaks give a good amount of time to refresh and rest which really helped. Thank you Becky and Sophie, I wish you all the happiness in the world Rania, Egypt

It has been an absolutely transformational experience in my entire being!

100-hr Yin Yoga teacher training complete! My deepest gratitude for Becky Khalil of Shanti Atma Yoga for her vast knowledge, compassionate spirit, and magnificent heart. ❤️ It has been an absolutely transformational experience in my entire being! Soooooo excited to bring these teachings to my upcoming retreats that include Yin practices! See you soon! Catherine - USA

I feel totally prepared to teach and have the knowledge to back myself.

I came to the course because I wanted to expand my teaching. I believe that I now have a strong foundation of Yin Yoga and want to keep exploring the practice as well as fascial anatomy and Chinese Medicine. I feel really open in my body and what I thought was muscle tension turned out to be fascial tension. Thank you! Matt, USA

I loved the in depth variety of knowledge anatomically and energetically.

I loved that the course was divided into two separate modules. A small group is a blessing as we received consistent energy from the teacher. It was an absolute pleasure to learn and share the energy and space with you, Becky. You are an infinite bundle of joy and knowledge. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Emaleigh - Ireland

Becky is a wonderful spirit, down to earth and always makes sure that the information received is satisfactory.

Becky gives good feedback and accepts things in a good yogic spirit. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you. Aum, Shanti Shanti Shanti. Rula - Jordan

I love it! The energy of the teacher and the practice in particular.

This course made me realise how much I love yin yoga (I learned so much). It would be amazing if the course would be a bit longer because I love it so much. Thank you so much for your energy and sharing your passion for yin yoga. Chantal - Netherlands

Thank you, you are an amazing teacher.

It is obvious how much you love what you teach and it shows. All of the information about fascia, Hyaluronic Acid and anatomy was intense but very interesting. Daily practice, asana breakdown and learning about tennis balls was amazing! Elisa - Argentina

It’s not just about the physical!

Becky  told us a lot about how the techniques were related to anatomy and the physiology. Also she reminded us very often how things felt in mentally, energetically and physically. She was very good in teaching the relationship between all the different topics we learnt about the Yin style of yoga. In the end it was a complete story. That maid me feel that I had a much better understanding what Yin yoga actually is.

  D, Brunei

I feel absolutely blessed to have been a part of this course.

Taking time for myself and the decision to come here is not something I took lightly. I struggle with severe anxiety and have had a turbulent time in the past year and I was interested in how Yin Yoga and wellness could influence my life. This experience has been a restorative, breath of fresh air. The information, location, the other students – Ah-Mazing. Yin has given me an additional plethora of tools to help me in my meditation practice and more. Because of this course I feel so revived – thank you for facilitating and thank you for holding space <3

  Katie, USA

I am in awe!

Even after 10 days of training, I am in awe of your vast amount of knowledge delivered in such a mindful way Jodi, New Zealand

The way the course is weaved together is Incredible

Amazing course! The way that Becky layered the course, weaving back and forth, linking in different studies, cultures, philosophies, anatomy and her personal experiences, not only made the course digestible, but left me hungry for more. Claire UK

I really appreciate the holistic approach and openness

I wanted to join this course but I also felt like I needed a rest. This course allowed a lot of time for reflection and self care while I also learned a lot. Yin Yoga has always been a transformational aspect of my life and I wanted to learn to share this with others. I have now gained more confidence in how to integrate these principles into Yoga and how to lead a more Yin like life. Thank you for your energy, authenticity and advocacy of this beautiful and powerful practice. Fay, UK

I would recommend this course 100%

I feel hugely grateful to have been able to come and experience this course – to connect and feel safe to share this space. Opening up within a group has been difficult previously, due to some personal horrendous experiences with groups back in high school, so thank you with all of my heart for your encouragement and support. I feel as if the path is opening for me now and the journey can unfold. This experience has far exceeded my expectations! Amanda, UK

Knowledge, Harmony and a ‘toolbox’ of resources

I feel like my whole understanding of yoga has brightened. I understand how the asana and philosophy intertwine and how to weave together all of the components that make yin yoga. I realise now more how we can adapt this understanding of yoga into life: yoga off the mat. Thank you! Anna, USA

I didn’t have an a-ha moment, I had an a-ha 10 days!

Amazing, truly amazing! Such a great experience. These Yin classes are the best I have ever experienced and this course is the best I have attended amongst my previous 3 training’s. The quality of teaching and teacher training is so high and the lectures are so exciting. I hope that you can see my happy face. Your classes are powerful. Thank you, you are the best Sergii, Ukraine

This is the best introduction to Yin Yoga!

I have been able to connect the dots, making sense of lots of different beliefs and thoughts that I had already made peace with never making sense. The quality of the teaching, content, variation, food and accommodation was amazing. I had lots of eureka moments. I would definitely recommend this course. Laura, UK

This course exceeded my expectations.

This course exceeded my expectations. Becky is a wealth of knowledge which she shares so enthusiastically and with abundant generosity. Becky is very well organised and approachable and the course she delivered is structured, balanced, informative and will greatly impact my practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. Thank you! Colleen - South Africa / New Zealand

It all makes sense now

I cannot tell you how amazing this course was. It has sparked my interest in how all of the of different elements of yoga can be brought together. I didn’t expect it to be so rounded. It all makes sense.  You have made me want to go much deeper. Thank you! Susanna, Germany

I loved the material and the way in which it has all been presented.

I have finished my 200 hour ttc last year and I have been on the hunt to learn more ever since. This course has been eye opening in many ways. I loved the material and the way in which it has all been presented. I love how compassionate this practice is and how you can reach a really profound level of practice that you can’t reach with other approaches to yoga. This course was an amazing way to experience different perspectives and approaches to teaching yoga which I will now use for my own practice as well as in my classes. After this course I feel confident and ready to teach and I feel inspired to share what I have learned. I feel like we have been provided with the perfect toolbox to adapt and grow our own individual style and personality within teaching, both on the mat and in life. Thank you! Emma - USA

I have had the best experience and have met so many lovely people on the course.

I am a massage therapist and I was interested in learning more about the amazing body. I was concerned about how much I was going to learn but Becky has a way of explaining things so that it is easy to understand. I have had the best experience and have met so many lovely people on the course. I highly recommend this course. I realised that I need to make some changes in my life and I feel confident to do so, following my intuition which I am now doing! Jessie R - New Zealand

Amanda is sincere, genuine and professional

Amanda has such a profound depth of knowledge and wisdom and it is presented in a sincere, genuine and professional way which leaves you feeling empowered.  It is the best course I have undertaken and I highly recommend it as it is a beautiful journey

Noeleen, New Zealand

This course has been so insightful and sealed the decision for me to pursue other avenues in my life.

I love Yin, my heart and head needed it. Everyday I had an insightful moment and it was great to do more on the art of teaching techniques. This course has given me loads of material to use in the future. I would most definitely recommend this course! Thank you for this course Becky, it is a real testament to your experience and hard work. I would love to come back to this course. Millie, UK

I had a deep exploration of my self and learned a lot of new things.

I enjoyed the whole program and the structure of the course, linking the theoretical and the practical together. I had many a-ha moments in the connection between the fascia, mind, body and emotions which gives me a feeling that I now have the peace and the power to observe thoughts, feelings and people with as much compassion as possible. Thank you Becky, you have really made a difference. Sara, Spain

I LOVED how Amanda described and conveyed the message

The structure of the course is very well organized, makes sense and flows perfectly. The Mindfulness section, neuroplasticity and the trauma-sensitive parts were eye-opening and enlightening. These sections apply to way more than only yoga. I LOVED how Amanda described and conveyed the message/points. She articulates it well, makes sense, enjoyable and easily accessible to anyone

Felicia, New Zealand

I feel ready to start teaching

I wanted to deepen my practice of many years and am hoping to specialise in Yin Yoga. This course has been amazing and I have learned so much. I really feel ready to start teaching. The knowledge of anatomy, especially fascia, was one of the best results I have gained from the course. I loved everything and I definitely recommend this course. Thank you so much Becky and Sophie for making these 10 days so memorable. Susanna, Scotland

I had completed a 200 hour ttc in embodied flow and joining this course seemed right and just what I needed.

I had completed a 200 hour ttc in embodied flow and joining this course seemed right and just what I needed. I had many small a-ha moments of integration, making the practice I have more cohesive as a whole. The biggest of these was the effect of a yin practice on fascia connective tissue and its relationship to the energy channels in the body. I now have a more solid methodology for teaching and feel more confident to do so. Lincoln - New Zealand

It was an amazing journey inward with a deep daily practice and an amazing vibe.

Lectures and teaching were so good that I feel I can directly implement this knowledge into my teaching and my daily life immediately. I have found out how to listen to my intuition more and know now how I will share Yin Yoga with other people. Thank you Becky and Sophie, you are a dream team. Dagmara, Poland

It took my teaching to the next level

I recently completed the 100 hour Yin TTC with Chinese Medicine with Becky Khalil land it took my Yin teaching to the next level! I was concerned that it would be too much information, or that my body wouldn’t be able to handle so much Yin, but Becky managed the course perfectly. It’s very easy to learn from someone who is excited and passionate about their craft! And my body definitely experienced some changes, but it wasn’t too much and we balanced it out with some yang practices occasionally too. I would recommend this to anyone interested in deepening their Yin practice, or to teachers who haven’t had any formal training in Yin and want to learn the finer points of it from an experienced Yinster. Thank you Becky, can’t wait to learn more from you Will, USA

I am super inspired to brings these teachings into my daily life

This course has been very rewarding and an expansive experience. I definitely took a lot from everything that Becky shared and the way that she brings in all the different aspects the practice in sch a creative way and with so much passion, drive and love. I am super inspired and definitely released on many layers of the body! Liss, Austria

Mind-Body Connect!

I have really enjoyed this experience from working my body in a mindful and caring way to all of the theory behind it. This really resonates with me. I am a marathon runner trainer and I have had some great ideas of how to use this knowledge in my online coaching work. I loved the mix of people from all over the world. Thank you, great course! I look forward to seeing what else I can do. Candice, South Africa

I’ve come away with so much more than a qualification.

Thank you Becky for your knowledge, teaching skills, passion and drive. It is a Yinspiration to me. You and Simone created such a strong environment to explore ourselves and to bond with one another in a truly heartwarming and healing way. We each took our turn to let go and to comfort one another, to allow the truth within ourselves to come out and be received with such compassion, non-judgement, wisdom and humor. Thank you. Alana - UK

If your into Yin Yoga then you must be into Becky.

She is the soul of yin and such an inspirational teacher. I have nothing but gratitude for this amazing TTC. Mia - Denmark

You won’t regret your investment

The Albert Einstein of yoga and an absolute Yin whizz. I highly recommend doing a life changing training with Becky Vics, UK

The explanation of all of the cueing topics were so good and simply explained that understanding and absorbing them was really easy.

Thank you Becky and Mia for all of the knowledge you transmitted to us. Everything was so lovely and well matched together that it has left a great memory print in my chest. Gry - Denmark

Becky is an amazing teacher and I can’t recommend her courses enough.

She has deep knowledge of yin and anatomy and her courses prepare you to teach with confidence. Payal - India / Uganda

The energy of the teacher, students and staff was very helpful.

For me it was so challenging to stay still for a yoga class. That is why I decided to join Yin TTC. The energy of the teacher, students and staff was very helpful. The way that yin yoga is introduced and practiced with a yang evening class was excellent. The course was given from the heart and with passion which leads into students delivering classes from the heart and with passion. Farah - Jordan

I thought the schedule and the order of classes was very well put together.

We had all of the content that we need in a logical order. I love your teaching style. You are passionate and inspirational but also have a logical and objective mind, so everything made sense. The yin yoga practices were all amazing. I would love to have yin yoga in the evening as well as in the morning. Thank you! Leticia - Brazil

I am so grateful for my experience learning with you.

I really enjoyed learning about the different phases and elements of Chinese Medicine, their respective meridian channels, the emotions that correlate with them and the body parts they govern. I would like to learn more about essential oils and deepen my knowledge of philosophy! I am so grateful for my experience learning with you and I am happy I picked you to further my education in yoga. Lexi - USA

I really like the energy you put into it. Thank you!

The structure was concrete and it felt like a very intimate course with lots of freedom and openness towards ideas. The part that spoke to me most was Chinese Medicine but the first week has been very beneficial for my anatomy knowledge. I really like the energy you put into it. Thank you! Emma - Netherlands

I loved the depth of content and knowledge as well as the practical aspects of sequencing.

I loved the course and I feel ready to teach yin yoga which I wasn’t sure would be possible at the beginning. Diane - England

Becky is a great teacher.

I loved learning about the fascia and wish we had more as I found it fascinating. I love your energy. Thank you. Susanna - Denmark

I liked the anatomy and connection to the asanas.

I liked the practices in the mornings as they were themed to one of the elements we were learning about. The mix with yang classes was a good idea to break up the yin. The course was well thought out and I enjoyed it a lot. Karolina - Poland

Both the yin yoga and the Sivananda were really enjoyable.

I learned a lot in both classes. The personal adjustments of positions were really helpful, thank you 🙂 Anton - Sweden

Thank you

The course was well organised and a really pleasant experience. There was enough time to go in to the body and the mind deeply as well as to rest and take in all of the information. Fadi, Lebanon

I love the essence of yin yoga and all the possibilities it has.

I like the link between the biological and energetic approach, and of course the meditation. Thank you for this beautiful course. Edwar - France

Enthusiastic and informative

I found Becky’s style when delivering the lecture very upbeat and it held my attention. The mix between workshops and practice is good also! Harmony, UK

Thank you for showing me yoga, it is so much more than stretching your muscles.

I am going to start practising yoga every day because it creates space, allows you to find time for yourself, helps you hear what your body is telling you, stretches your muscles and relaxes your mind. Thank you for showing me yoga, it is so much more than stretching your muscles. Simon - Austria

The course had a good structure, interesting content and a clear delivery of knowledge.

Overall it was very well done. I had a wonderful time. It was more like a beautiful retreat with a lot of learning about Yin Yoga. Boglarka - Hungary

Your knowledge and way of explaining is incredible

Your use of language through the practice is amazing. Livi, UK

I liked your knowledge and ability to connect concepts and make them accessible.

You answered many questions left open after previous courses and workshops. Many breaks help to lighten the mood and it made it feel like a bit of a retreat. I enjoyed the most that the course was small and intimate. I felt comfortable and safe to let go. Angela - Brazil

Nurturing and safe

It was so good to be in a nurturing space to learn about Yin Yoga. Playing around with the postures using the props to fit my own body alignment was great. I loved that it is not a one size fits all

  Ankara, UK

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