Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Chinese Medicine

100 hours

 Learn to teach Yin Yoga safely and functionally, stepping into your teaching role mindfully. Increase confidence and deepen your knowledge to help you transform lives through your classes and workshops.

Dive into the uniqueness of your body, the roots and tradition of Yin and bring it all to your students in an intelligent and inspiring way

Through videos, personalised feedback, documents, support, mentorship and more, you will be empowered and ready to teach!


Course Summary 


This course will give you the fundamentals and foundations needed to teach Yin Yoga safely and authentic to you, from a space of tradition and purpose. Starting with the fundamentals of Yin Yoga and then diving into the functional anatomy of the body will give you an intelligent understanding of how you can adapt the practice for different body types. You will explore the bio-individuality of your body and its uniqueness upon everyone. You will be able to transfer all of what you learn to other styles of Yoga to enable optimal functioning of body movement through your physical asana practice.

The Chinese Medicine part of the training takes you into the roots of Yin. Breaking down the 5 Chinese elements you will be opened up to another world pertaining to Yin Yoga. Incorporating Taoism into your practice will give you a deepened meaning and intention to what is behind the asana. You will be prepared to teach from a both a functional point of view and an energetic point of view, following the Chinese meridian energy system.


How will you develop


 Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering

 Solid knowledge in fascia and functional anatomy

 Strong foundation in the Chinese 5 elements in relation to Yin Yoga

 Be able to teach with advanced foundations of teaching methodology

 Confident ability to sequence from multiple approaches

 Powerful understanding of how to adapt your teaching based on who is in your class

 Cohesive and confident ability to construct holistic Yin Yoga sessions

 Ability to empower people through Yin Yoga

 Time to integrate your learning into your teaching and practice

 Be a more conscious teacher

 Receive great opportunity within your Yoga path

Empowering Yoga Teachers, Impacting Lives 

Components of the Course

On the Yin Yoga Training program online we cover a large variety of topics related to functional anatomy, 5 Chinese elements, foundation of Yin Yoga, art of teaching and practising, and much more that strips apart these components of Yin Yoga.

Without having to leave the comfort of your own home, this specially crafted course covers the most important aspects of stepping into your practice and teaching role mindfully. Whether your vision is to teach Yin Yoga or to have a deeper understanding of Yin for your personal practice and development, you are in the right place.

Through videos, PDFs, email support, personalised video feedback and optional mentorship you will be completely prepared and ready to go!

Yin Yoga Audio Class
This offers you the chance to experience different themed classes based on the modules content, demonstrating the art of teaching techniques discussed in the course. You will have a broadened perspective of practice.

This is the juicy bit of the course where we will have the opportunity to intricately break down the components of Yin yoga, and reveal how they all are intertwined together. You will be able to link practice and theory together for a fundamental understanding and experiential learning.

Art of Teaching:
This is what it means to teach yin yoga. This is the ‘how to’ and the ‘why’. You could call this the ‘behind the scenes’ of yin yoga teaching. This will give you the know-how of giving a safe and authentic class, without losing your special touch and personality.

Course Timeline:
This course is on an online portal and is self paced. This is the perfect course to fit around your personal schedule and daily life.


The Experience

Being a self paced course, you have control over how many hours you do per day, week and month. We understand that everyone has different lifestyles, commitments and timelines. This is why the course is ready to go on an online portal, with all materials in easy access any time, day or night. You can revisit the content as many times as you like, offering you additional advantages of furthering your education and developing your Yoga practice. 

The experience is one that embodies a softening to your day by focusing on tradition of Yin Yoga and bringing it into your daily life at home. Learning something new every time you learn from the course will enrich your Yoga practice bit by bit. The experience is wholesome and holistic, and aims for you to come back to your Self. 

The approach of Shanti Atma is real and well balanced!

This is a proper course, after which you feel confident about your practice and the knowledge gained. The teachers are present with you all the time 100%. Meaning they are concerned with everyone understanding and sharing proper and accessible knowledge. I probably jumped into learning about Yin Yoga, so taking this course allowed me to level up experience and knowledge . It lightened up a few key areas of my yin teaching that my students appreciate a lot. I have great feedback! Great school and team! I would go back on training any day!


Sophie, UK

Online course is perfect!

I have absolutely LOVED week 1 of the course. The way you present it and the speed of your voice is just so perfect, really above and beyond what I expected!

Amy, Australia

AMAZING! Life changing . Motivating . Self-Empowering . Quality . Quality . Quality

I found it difficult to compare the price that was double what I paid in India for my 200 hour course. If I had known the quality of the course and the teaching I would have easily justified the price without hesitation. I didn’t know if I was going to like the teacher but got over this after a scroll on Instagram. I gained a lot of confidence in knowing how flexible you can be with Yin Yoga in order to let your true self shine through to help change lives (in self and in others). I 100% recommend this course – YES! Love & Light, Love & Light, Love & Light. See you soon! Michelle, Australia

I love the structure

Thank you for this course. I love the structure of it, the way you explain everything and the way it makes me feel.  I learned a lot in only two days, that I already used in my class.. 

Marthe, Norway

My students can already feel a difference! 

I really learned a lot. I have so many pages of notes. I am so excited about this journey. It is so nice to have the feedback and chat about everything I am going through like this. It is just so nice to have your teaching!  

Paige, Canada

I am so glad that I did this course!

I just slipped into a trance. You are an amazing yin teacher and I can already tell I am so happy that I did this. I did not know this much about fascia at all as we didn’t go through it on my last yin training.


Francesca, UK

What You Get: 

yin yoga teacher training online

Audio Classes

Video Classes

Printable Notes

Discussion Group

Personalised Feedback

Online Portal

Self Paced Experience


yin yoga teacher training online

Time to Integrate 



Homework Tasks

Practical Assignments

Live Question and Answer

Lifetime Updates

Why This Course:

On a practising level this course offers you the time to move into the parasympathetic nervous response with the beat of your own rhythm. Embodying your body-mind-breath connection throughout the course you will feel revitalised and inspired. You will develop and deepen your Yin Yoga practice way beyond asana. Learning to really listen in, your mind will become sharp and focused, while your breathing conscious and fluid.

On a teaching level you will be propelled into becoming a highly experienced Yin Yoga teacher. Developing techniques and methods, that are focused on your personality, your confidence will exponentially grow. We will explore how the pillars of Yin Yoga be seamlessly interwoven into an asana class, strongly enabling you to offer a more profound Yin Yoga experience to your students.

What Anna says about the course

By Joining this Online Training You Will Receive

>> 100 hours of educational content
>> 12 Yin Yoga Classes
>> 58 Video Sessions
>> Yoga Alliance Certification Upon Completion
>> Practical Assignments
>> Practical Workshops
>> Limited or lifetime access to all content


Begin Anywhere…  Start Your Journey Today…

100 Hour
Yin Yoga ~ Fascia, Function & Qi

Functional Anatomy
Modules 1 – 6 

MODULE 1: Foundation of Yin Yoga
Audio Class
Introduction to Yin Yoga
4 Principles of Propping
5 Principles of Yin Yoga
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: With the lens of Yin

MODULE 2: Yin Yoga Intelligence
Audio Class
Week 1 review
Bones: Intelligence of Skeletal Variation
Your art of teaching: Responsibilities and Space
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: with the bio-individuality of your body

MODULE 3: The Human Webbing
Audio Class
Week 2 Review
Integrity of the body: Fascia Fascia and Functional Movement with Yin Yoga
Fascia Roll and Release Workshop
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: From the inside out

MODULE 4: Focus and Intention
Audio Class
Week 3 Review
Target Area: Thigh Muscle Mandala
Your art of teaching: Communication
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: Physical focus and intention

MODULE 5: Your Body, Your Yin
Audio Class
Week 4 Review
Target Area: Torso Muscle Mandala
Your Body, Your Yin: Tension and Compression
Your art of teaching: Sequencing
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: to make the practice accessible to all body types

MODULE 6: Integration
Audio Class
Week 5 Review
Upper Body Walkabout
Integration: Yin principles within Yang Yoga

Chinese 5 Elements and Yin Yoga
Modules 7 – 12



MODULE 7: Water
Audio Class
Review of week 6
Chinese Medicine Basics and Yin Yang Theory
5 Elements Theory
Water Element
Teaching and practising: with the energy of water

MODULE 8: Wood
Audio Class
Review of week 7
Wood Element
Taoism and Taoist Yoga
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: with the energy of wood

MODULE 9: Fire
Audio Class
Review of week 8
Fire Element
Your art of teaching: Sequencing energetically
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: with the energy of fire

MODULE 10: Earth
Audio Class
Review of week 9
Earth Element
Your art of teaching: Philosophical approach to Yin
Asana Breakdown
Teaching and practising: with the energy of earth

MODULE 11: Metal
Audio Class
Review of week 10
Metal Element
Teaching and practising: with the energy of Metal
Asana Breakdown
Embodying Yin Yoga into your life practice, off the mat

MODULE 12: Your Voice, Your Vision
Audio Class
Review of week 11
Asana Breakdown
Your voice, your vision: Marketing and integration of your offering




– Limited Access (30 days)
Course content
– Downloadable PDFs




– Lifetime Access
Course content
– Downloadable PDFs




– Lifetime Access
– Course content
– Downloadable PDFs
– Weekly live Question & Answer sessions
– Email support
– Personalised video feedback 
– Entry into an exclusive group with other members



– Lifetime access
– Course content
– Downloadable PDFs
– Weekly live Question & Answer sessions
– Email support
– Personalised video feedback
– Entry into an exclusive group with other members
– *6 Month mentorship*

What you will gain from these courses:

  • Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering
  • Solid foundation of the basics of functional anatomy and Chinese Medicine
  • Understanding your body and mind connection a little better
  • Ability to teach Yin Yoga at a very high quality
  • Ability to help empower people through Yin
  • Carry a class that means more than target areas and breath
  • Be a more conscious teacher
  • Time to self for development and exploration
  • A much higher ability to teach a wide approach to Yin Yoga
  • Solid foundation to Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Powerful understanding of how these practices weave into Yin Yoga
  • Cohesive and confident ability to construct Yin Yoga workshops
  • Integrate Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness in your voice, from your heart
  • Much greater opportunity within your Yoga path
  • You will be amongst the leaders in Yin Yoga teaching after this course



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have completed a 200 hour training?

No, you do not need to have any previous yoga education. On this Yin Yoga course there is an introduction to the foundation of the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga as well as the body and its anatomy. The course builds upon this foundation to deepen the experiential learning of Yin Yoga. Everyone is welcome to deepen their path whether teaching or practising. 

How long will I have access for?

Silver tier: 30 days
All other tears: forever!

Is this Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes – you can submit this as non – contact hours of training 

Is the course self paced?

Yes – all tiers are self paced 

Will I be able to teach after this course?

You will be prepared and have the foundations needed to sequence, structure and hold a safe and authentic Yin Yoga class

What is the investment?

Each tier has a different investment. Please check above on the “buy now”

What if I have already trained in Yin Yoga?

There will always be things to learn from additional courses. Everybody has different experiences and comes from different expertise. It is good to have a variety of training in one style. 

Does the course have a start and end date?

No – You can start and finish whenever is right for you

Can you download the content?

The documents are downloadable. The videos are only available on the online portal. You will have your personal log ins to your private online portal space. 

Can I contact you if I have any questions during the course?

Yes of course! We have a separate email for all online course trainees

Is this course the same as the other Shanti Atma trainings?

No. This is the foundation course which will prepare you for the more advanced training’s. 


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