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The Spanish feeling is one that cannot be forgotten. With beautiful weather and a sense of lingering warmth deep into the evening it is easy to embody Spain’s energy. With local fresh Mediterranean food, this little hot spot for a yin yoga training is one that manifests health and wellness, naturally and effortlessly. Begin the day with meditation, mindfulness and conscious breathing, connecting to mama earth with barefoot living, and end the day with dipping your feet in the pool. Yin and Yoga will the day in between with wisdom and insight of self love and freedom.

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Private Villa, Malaga

This spacious private villa is situated on the sunny southern coast of Spain, perfectly located between the mountains and the seaside for a retreat-like vibe, not too far from the city. The villa itself is nestled into the Spanish hills, a beautiful wonderland where human meets nature, nature meets heart and heart meets soul. The serenity of this Spanish countryside is blissfully unique, providing a place to retreat in nature.

The spacious, modern rooms are beautifully decorated, and each space in the villa adds its own little flavour to the course. Join the group for morning yin practice in the wooden yoga shala, spread out in the lounge for theory sessions, chill out by the pool during your breaks, and enjoy the view over the mountains during mealtimes. 

Can Felicià, Costa Brava

With respect for the environment their number one priority, Can Felicia work to promote sustainable tourism; to convey the importance of a conscious and respectful way of eating, which takes into account the producer, the product and the consumer, and to facilitate the connection with nature and the sense of well-being it offers.

Offering an environment to reconnect with simplicity, this venue helps to encourage sustainable tourism with interests in cuisine, bio-construction, music therapy and natural resources – areas of our interest that differentiate the venue as an accommodation. 

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I love Yin, my heart and head needed it. Everyday I had an insightful moment and it was great to do more on the art of teaching techniques. This course has given me loads of material to use in the future. I would most definitely recommend this course! Thank you for this course Becky, it is a real testament to your experience and hard work. I would love to come back to this course.

Millie, UK

Yin Yoga Teacher Training