Yin Teacher Empowerment 3 Day Training

– Teach Intelligently & Inclusively – 

Have you been thinking about how to make a Yoga business profitable and still aligned?


This residential Yin Yoga teacher empowerment training will help you develop specific teaching technique in how to teach Yin intelligently and inclusively, building your confidence and knowledge through active teaching application and implementation.

Covering the fundamentals of the 5 core pillars of teaching Yin holistically, you will move through the 5 dimensional journey and learn how to step up not only your teaching technique, but also your Yin offering.

Whether you teach Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative or any other style of Yoga, and want to attract consistent students, you’re in the right place.

Helping people teach intelligently in:
Costa Rica – April, 2023

Years as a Yoga Teacher Trainer

Helping people teach intelligently

Years of Successful Yoga Business

Empowering Yoga teachers to live their dream

Yoga Teacher Students

Transforming their vision into reality

How will you develop

  • Build confidence
  • Turn knowledge into teaching application
  • Learn how to teach more inclusively
  • Learn from feedback of your teaching
  • Apply the 5 Dimensions into your teaching technique
  • Become a more conscious & responsible teacher
  • Build a stronger foundation of knowledge

What will you receive:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Welcome bag with workbook
  • 25 Hour Training
  • Private 1:1 consultation with Becky
  • Yin practice
  • Positive and supportive environment
  • Community
Shanti Atma Yoga Teacher Training

What Will You Experience?

– Explore Yin in a beautiful retreat immersion while making lifelong friends –

1. Theory:

By diving into the 5-Dimensional approach of Yin and the 5 core pillars of how to teach Yin intelligently, you will start to unveil the missing links in the Yin space that will raise your teaching quality and opportunities.

Applying theory into practice, you will gain an experiential understanding of how to teach Yin intelligently & safely.

2. Teaching:

During this training we will be diving into how you currently teach and how you can build your teaching technique into a more holistic style, meeting your students where they are at, in an authentic way that aligns with who you are and how you want to teach Yin.

3. Community:

We will practice, eat, and grow together to make lifelong friends from all over the world. By surrounding yourself with other Yoga teachers who are on a similar journey to you, you can also network and bring your ideas to life.

4. Practicum:

Through experiential learning, and teaching a practicum, you will receive feedback and can start to make changes in your teaching that can take immediate effect in your students, classes, workshop and Yin offering.

5. Support:

By sitting with Becky you will receive unlimited support in anything that is going on in your teaching, offering or community at present.

Feeling supported takes the weight off of feeling alone, meaning that you can start to alleviate some of the pressure the mind can create and refocus your energy on growth and abundance.

What Will You Learn?

  • The 5 Dimensional Approach to Yin
  • Neuroplasticity – The Missing Link in the Yin Space
  • Chinese Medicine Overview
  • Emotional Intelligence Overview
  • The Philosophy of Yin
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Practice
  • Science & Spirituality Behind The Yin Practice
  • How to Make The Practice Accessible To All

Teaching Methodology

  • Asana breakdown
  • Art of propping
  • Cueing, sequencing & communicating
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Applied Teaching with Feedback
  • Responsibility of Becoming a Yin Facilitator & Teacher
  • Techniques To Build Confidence

Our Purpose:  Why is it pivotal to teach through the 5-Dimensions

Teaching Yin requires a certain level of intelligence if it is to deeply tap into its potential; unveiling the subconscious mind and accessing deeply healing experiences that transform.

Many Yin teachers stay in the physical dimension which blocks not only their students’ evolutionary journey, but also their teaching capacity. 

Which is why my goal for you to attend this residential training is to close gap between your knowledge and application, build confidence in your teaching, and widen your perspective of what Yin can do for the mind-body-spirit-soul and how to help your students access it easily through your classes and Yin offering.   

This weekend training is a part of the Yin Teacher Empowerment Program here, however can be attended singularly upon application.