Profitable Yoga Teacher Residential Seminar

– Attract Your Soul Tribe –

Have you been thinking about how to make a Yoga business profitable and still aligned?


This residential Yoga business seminar is specifically designed for you as a Yoga teacher to lock arms, exchange energy and connect with other successful Yoga teacher leaders, to become ignited and inspired, and to set a plan of action to hit your next milestones with roaring success.

Being introduced to the most updated things that are working for Becky, you will come away with new ideas and a practical implementation plan of action.

Yin Yoga teacher Training

Profitable Yoga Teacher Residential Seminar – Morocco 

Want to grow your business, meet new people and become inspired with support? 

This residential Yoga business winter seminar in Morocco will boost you into gear for the year of 2023 with 3 days of masterminding, self-inquiry and working on turning your dreams into reality. 


On the Western coast of Africa the little Yoga hotspot, Morocco resides. In our venue, the large ocean-view terrace is where all meals and good vibes are shared by everyone. It is perfect for chilling out, making friends and watching the African sunset while sharing life stories with people from other parts of the world and background. 

Whether you teach Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative or any other style of Yoga, and want to attract consistent students, you’re in the right place.

Helping people teach intelligently

Years as a Yoga Teacher Trainer

Helping people teach intelligently

Years of Successful Yoga Business

Empowering Yoga teachers to live their dream

Yoga Teacher Students

Transforming their vision into reality

How will you develop

Turn your vision into reality
Diagnose any missing gaps in your marketing plan

Shanti Atma Yoga Teacher Training

What will you receive:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Welcome bag with workbook
  • Seminar event
  • Private 1:1 consult with Becky
  • Yoga practice
  • Positive and supportive environment
  • Radical growth opportunities

What Will You Experience?

1. Diagnosis & Solution

During this seminar we will be diagnosing  your current business systems, offer, challenges and vision to see where, what and how you can improve, to get to the next level and serve more people in a fulfilled and easeful way.

2. Community:

We will practice, eat, and grow together to make lifelong friends from all over the world By surrounding yourself with other Yoga teachers who are on a similar journey to you, you can also network and bring your ideas to life.

3. Results

By working on your business while in the room together, you will start to make changes and get results immediately, giving you confidence and courage to keep building your dream.

4. Support

By sitting with Becky you will receive unlimited support in anything that is going on in your business, offer, teaching or community at present. 

Feeling supported takes the weight off of feeling along, meaning that you can start to alleviate some of the pressure the mind can create and refocus your energy on growth and abundance.

5. Accountability 

By receiving personal and professional accountability you will start to make instant changes and build in positive habits and discipline that you can take home with a success mindset.

Our Purpose:  Why is it pivotal to your
development as a Yoga Business?

I put together the Profitable Yoga Teacher Mastermind & Seminar for our members because I understand the pressure of building a successful Yoga Business alone. I know the feeling of carrying the entire weight of wearing 10 different hats to build your business, just so that you can live your dream and help more people.

Which is why my goal for you to attend this residential seminar is to make your vision become a reality a little faster and with much more support, than sitting at home on your own trying to work it all out.

Which is why those who are driven and focused on succeeding will do everything they can to get to where they want to be, not only in their teaching or their Yoga business, but in their life too.