Teaching Yin Yoga with Essential Oils?

The inherent link between Yin Yoga, Essential Oils & Emotional Intelligence & How It Can Make You A More Conscious Teacher 


Written by Anna Caldwell & Becky Khalil


Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and Yin Yoga are a match made in heaven. Including Essential Oils in Yin Yoga sessions adds layers of richness and depth you may have never thought possible as a Yin Yoga teacher, or as a practitioner.

Essential oils are a product of the earth. They are derived directly from the plant itself and are in fact the pure essence of its earthy medicine. They hold a variety of properties that help heal emotional, mental and physical ailments and challenges in the body.

Bought in small amber glass bottles, it is difficult to think about essential oils coming from the earth and holding the power of mama nature within. Nevertheless, they are powerful peace ninjas that can make the world a better place.

The different properties they hold work with the nervous system in different ways. Some tonify the system, some sedate the system. This means that you can use essential oils for energising as well as relaxation. Some of the most common uses of essential oils are for sleep and general relaxation, stress and tension and headaches. There are so many more and these we discuss in another article and in our Yin Yoga, Essential Oils & Emotional Intelligence teacher training

Are you curious about adding another dimension to your Yoga space? Maybe you have tried it and it didn’t go well due to lack of knowledge or confidence. Maybe you tried it and you LOVED it and you need more of it in your life (I know I do).


What would it mean to you to be able to help your students transcend beyond the asana in Yin Yoga, and not only soothe out aches and pains in the physical body, but help one see, feel and experience the deeper depths of true emotional presence, towards holistic health and healing?


What about you? How would that change your persona life? Would it help you have a better relationship with yourself? To live better, sleep better? Be a more balanced and harmonious human? To be self-empowered?


Through the power of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy we can influence the way in which our brain functions and the emotional state we desire to create in our lives on and off the mat.


Teaching Yin Yoga with essential oils allows one to discover the connection aromatherapy has with the emotional body, the emotional brain and the dynamic interplay these have with emotional intelligence.



Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to be conscious of our own emotional state and well-being. When we are experiencing low emotional intelligence, our mind feels swamped and overwhelmed as we feel disempowered over our state and actions. Yoga and aromatherapy can provide the link from an over-intellectualizing mind back into a place of awareness and sovereignty. In this way, aromatherapy creates an entirely new dimension for yoga teachers to connect and communicate with their students.

Imagine if you were in a place where your emotions were not controlling you. Instead, you were aware of each and every emotional as and when it arises. Not only aware, but you can use it as insight and empowerment rather than outburst and meltdown?


How would that change your persona life? Would it help you feel into decisions easier? To be able to read situations better? To stand up for yourself and your self-care boundaries more? To preserve your valued energy? To be able to work with people in a more harmonious way? To live a life of freedom from the chains of your subconscious patterns, attitudes and behaviours?


This is what raising emotional intelligence can give you. But how do we do that with Yin Yoga….?


By combining Yin Yoga and Essential Oils together, in one seamless practice, to leverage the emotional properties of the earth and connect them within our being.

yin yoga teacher training


Teaching Yin Yoga With Essential Oils

Teaching Yin Yoga with essential oils can be as impactful as it is safe and tactful. Teachers must understand the implications of using aromatherapy both on a physiological and scientific basis, as well as an emotional level. We come to understand as yoga teachers, the science behind emotional intelligence and what is truly happening within the brain organ in a Yin Yoga class.

This science blends naturally into the emerging field of neuroplasticity as the practice of Yin Yoga moves the brain into frequency states that are receptive to re-wiring and healing. The direct impact that essential oils have on our emotional brain can assist in this process of re-wiring neural pathways and healing behaviors or thought patterns that no longer serve the practitioner. How? Because of the emotional connection that the brain inherently has to past experiences, memories and situations.


The Best Bit? The Olfactory System…


The Olfactory System is unique in the human body, as it is the only sense that reaches directly to the limbic system without any additional filtering as the body does with hearing, sight, etc. Essential oils are a key to unlocking the part of the brain known as our “seat of emotions” and can be used as technology for healing and advancing our emotional intelligence.


Through the power of Yin Yoga and aromatherapy, we discover not just true relaxation and balance, but the power of nature to nurture our emotional, energetic and spiritual empowerment.


This allows us to live better lives, to be better humans and to help our fellow people all over the world, in a seamless multidimensional essence of Yin Yoga. Taught in a functional and experiential way, Yin Yoga and Essential Oils can transcend you far beyond what you may imagine.


Bringing Them All Together…

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