Yin Yoga, Emotional Intelligence and Aromatherapy

50 hours

Semi Live Online

3rd April – 1st May, 2021 


Dive into the intelligence of Yin Yoga, the emotion behind Aromatherapy and learn to bring it to your students in a safe way

This is where soul workers go deeper

– Self paced course with weekly live sessions –

Investment: £895

Course Summary 

This 50 hour semi live online training prepares you to transcend your teaching and practice, beyond the physical, into the emotional sphere. With self paced course content, you can weave your learning around your life, and catch up with your Yin Yoga family in the live sessions. 

Emotional Intelligence: Diving into emotional intelligence you will learn how to acknowledge and manage your emotional ebb and flow using Yoga and essential oil practices. Not only your Yoga path will be empowered but your understanding of how to manoeuvre and navigate your teaching from an emotional aspect will flourish, exploring why and how emotional intelligence matters more than IQ.

Aromatherapy: Discovering the earthy power of essential oils and their connection to the emotional body, the emotional brain, and their interplay with emotional intelligence, gives you a dimension in connecting and communicating with yourself and to your students. You will learn how to use essential oils in Yoga classes to raise emotional intelligence and promote emotional well-being, both on and off the mat. You will learn how the use of specific oils can enhance the practice from a mental, physical, energetic and emotional space.

How You Will Develop 

Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering

Foundation in the Roots of Yin Yoga

Solid foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Understanding why Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ

Foundation of the emotional brain

Fundamentals of Aromatherapy and how this impacts emotional intelligence

Application to theory on all aspects

Advanced teaching methodology

Ability to instigate positive change in peoples lives

Be a more conscious teacher

Yin Yoga Class

You will experience different class intentions based on the modules content, demonstrating the art of teaching techniques discussed in the course. You will have a deeeper and embodied perspective of practice.

Essential Oils Class

You will be walked through how to use the power of essential oils during Yin Yoga sessions. You will be introduced to the properties, benefits and contraindications of using essential oils both on and off the mat for positive well-being

You will intricately break down the components of Yin Yoga, Emotional Intelligence and Aromatherapy.  You will be able to link practice and theory together for a fundamental and embodied experience and understanding.

Art of Teaching:
This is what it means to teach yin yoga. This is about the responsibility of teaching Yin Yoga and facilitating the space. You will be empowered and confident to host a safe and authentic class, without losing your special touch and personality.

Course Timeline:
This course is on an online portal and is self paced. This is the perfect course to fit around your personal schedule and daily life.

Live Sessions:
Week 1 Orientation
: 3rd April – 4 pm GMT
Week 1: 10th April – 4 pm GMT
Week 2: 17th April – 4 pm GMT
Week 3: 24th April – 4 pm GMT
Week 4: 1st May – 4 pm GMT

What You Get

yin yoga teacher training online

Audio Classes
Video Classes
Printable Notes
Discussion Group
Exclusive Online Portal

yin yoga teacher training online

Homework Tasks
Practical Assignments
Live Question and Answer

50 Hour Yin Yoga
Emotional Intelligence and Aromatherapy

3rd – 10th April

Foundations of Yin Yoga

Live Orientation on 3rd April
Essential Oils – lavender & Orange
Application of Essential Oils
Yin Yoga Audio Class
Intro to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
Introduction to Yin Yoga
Roots of Yin Yoga
Yin Principles, practice & propping
Art of teaching: responsibilities
Asana Breakdown
Art of Essential Oils in Asana
Teaching and practising: Into the emotional dimension
LIVE SESSION on 10th April 

11th – 17th April

Brain on Yin

Essential Oils – Bergamont & Neroli
Application of Essential Oils
Yin Yoga Audio Class
Week 1 Review
Common Uses of Essential Oils
Chemistry of Essential Oils
Intro to Emotional intelligence
Science of body brain connect
Neuroplasticity Foundations
Power of neuroplasticity
Art of Teaching: Communication
Art of Asana
Art of Essential Oils in Asana
Teaching and practising: Into the mental landscape
LIVE SESSION on 17th April 

18th – 24th April

Emotional Intelligence

Essential Oils – frankincense & cedarwood
Application of Essential Oils
Yin Yoga Audio Class
Week 2 review
Adverse Reactions & Phototoxicity
Limbic System & Emotional Brain
Olfactory System
Emotional Intelligence
Our 2 Brains
Asana Breakdown
Art of Essential Oils in Asana
Teaching and practising: Holding Space with Emotional Intelligence
LIVE SESSION on 24th April 

25th April – 1st May


Essential Oils – Clary Sage & Geranium
Application of Essential Oils
Yin Yoga Audio Class
Aromatherapy Ethics
Using essential Oils in Yin Yoga & life
Energy & Essential Oils
Art of Teaching: Sequencing from emotional space
Asana Breakdown
Art of Essential Oils in Asana
Teaching and practising: for awareness
What’s next
LIVE SESSION on 1st May 


By Joining This Online Training You Will Receive: 


50 hours of educational content
>> 4 Yin Yoga Classes
>> 4 Meditation Classes
>> 43 Video Sessions
>> Yoga Alliance Certification Upon Completion
>> Practical Assignments
>> Practical Workshops
>> Limited or lifetime access to all content
>> Live Orientation
>> 4 LIVE sessions with both trainers 
>> LIVE closing ceremony 

What Will You Gain?

Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering

Experiential understanding of Yin Yoga fundamentals

Solid foundation of Aromatherapy

Ability to use essential oils consciously in your teaching 

Ability to teach Yin Yoga at a very high quality

Carry a class that means more than physical body and breath

Be a more conscious teacher

Time to self for development and exploration

A much higher ability to teach a wide approach to Yin Yoga

Cohesive and confident ability to construct Yin Yoga workshops

Much greater opportunity within your Yoga path

Still Have Questions?

Do I need to have completed a 200 hour training?

No, you do not need to have any previous yoga education. On this Yin Yoga course there is an introduction to the foundation of the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga as well as the body and its anatomy. The course builds upon this foundation to deepen the experiential learning of Yin Yoga. Everyone is welcome to deepen their path whether teaching or practising. 

How long will I have access for?

Silver tier: 30 days
All other tears: forever!

Is this Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes – you can submit this as non – contact hours of training 

Is the course self paced?

Yes – all tiers are self paced 

Will I be able to teach after this course?

You will be prepared and have the foundations needed to sequence, structure and hold a safe and authentic Yin Yoga class

What is the investment?

Each tier has a different investment. Please check above on the “buy now”

What if I have already trained in Yin Yoga?

There will always be things to learn from additional courses. Everybody has different experiences and comes from different expertise. It is good to have a variety of training in one style. 

Does the course have a start and end date?

No – You can start and finish whenever is right for you

Can you download the content?

The documents are downloadable. The videos are only available on the online portal. You will have your personal log ins to your private online portal space. 

Can I contact you if I have any questions during the course?

Yes of course! We have a separate email for all online course trainees

Is this course the same as the other Shanti Atma trainings?

No. This is the foundation course which will prepare you for the more advanced training’s.