– Questions & Answers –

No, you do not need to have any previous yoga education. On every Yin Yoga course there is an introduction to the foundation of the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga as well as the body and its anatomy. The course builds upon this foundation to deepen the experiential learning of Yin Yoga.

Yes. There is a short break in between every session as well as a longer break for breakfast and lunch (for residential courses). There is free time after the course for relaxation. In between module 1 and 2 there is a day off to explore the surrounding environment.

No. Many students attend the course to get a better understanding of their practice, their body, mind and to develop their own spiritual journey. This course is a great opportunity to develop your yin and yoga practice and approach to life.

Yes. Upon successful completion of this course students are presented with a YACEP certification (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). You will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge of what it means to be a yin yoga teacher and how to put it into practice, in the shala, on the mat and in life.

This signature course has two modules:
1) Anatomy, Fascia and Function with Teaching Methodology
2) Chinese Medicine with Teaching Methodology

Within both modules there are theoretical and practical workshop training sessions on yin yoga practice, anatomy, fascia, asana breakdown, the art of teaching, yang yoga, intro to philosophy, Chinese Medicine, theory of qi, Intro to Daoism, history of Yin Yoga, group work sessions and other spiritually connected practices.

The mindfulness 100 hour course focuses on Yin Yoga with a deeper connection to meditation, mindfulness, neuroplasticity, pranayama, breathing and journal writing. This course focuses more on the mental dimension of the body, taking your journey of min-body connection much deeper. This course can be taken either in conjunction with the signature 100 hour course (if the courses are running in a row or in the same location) or as an additional course later on in your yoga journey.

The 200 hour is a course that focuses on Yin Yoga by taking a look at 5 different approaches which sync up with the 5 dimensions of the body. There are many ways to practice and teach Yin Yoga and focusing on anatomy (which is normally the structure of a yin yoga course) is only one way.

Yes. All teachers are different and all have different backgrounds, focus, experiences and educational specialities.

The courses given by Shanti Atma Yoga are very focused on developing ones foundation of yin yoga as a holistic practice, incorporating the 5 dimensions of the body (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual). There is a heavy focus on teaching methodology and anatomy (fascia and myo-fascial release) which will then link on to some of the other courses and workshops offered.

If you are looking to develop your practice and fundamental understanding of yin yoga as an approach to yoga and life then this course will bring you close towards the level of experience that a class, retreat or workshop doesn’t have time to reach.

If you are looking to further your yin yoga teaching career then this is the perfect opportunity to break down all of the components involved in being a yin yoga teacher from asana, cueing, physical and energetic target areas, propping and making the practice available to every body type to the behaviour and responsibility of a (yin) yoga teacher.

Yes. In Yin Yoga we look at the functional approach to (yin) yoga and how we can integrate myo-fascial release, meditation and mindfulness into the physical, energetic, emotional and mental body. While having a background in anatomy will give you a strong foundation to dive deeper, this course takes different approaches to connect different realms together.

Self-studying is great and high recommended. This course will give you valuable one on one time with the teacher to ask any questions and raise any confusion or concerns, offering a level of support that is not so readily available in self-study. Becky encourages you to continue studying after the course based on your personal practice and professional goal.

I completely understand. It is a big commitment. If you would like a taster session and intro to Yin Yoga online course then please sign up here: http://bit.ly/2E0x5ZX

Additionally, you can join the Shanti Atma Yoga Facebook Group (Kickstart your Yoga Career with Shanti Atma Yoga) where videos and educational content on Yin Yoga and related subjects will be shared (and you will get to virtually meet Becky). Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/452879584921705/?ref=bookmarks

You can reach out to Becky or an assistant teacher at any point to discuss your concerns and get support.

Yes. All additional nights must be organised with the venue itself. Shanti Atma Yoga is responsible for the organisation of accommodation during the course only. All details can be found by emailing becky@shantiatmayoga.com

Yes. Many students have now gone on frequently offering yin yoga workshops, classes and to start up micro yin yoga retreat businesses.
Please visit here to read some of their stories.

Absolutely! Whether you stay onsite for another course right away or come back several years later we love to reconnect with our international Yin family.

There are several options to keep studying with Shanti Atma Yoga:
More study
– Attend another 100 hour course
– Attend a 200 hour course
– Attend a smaller workshop
– Online portal with post course training support
– Online classes and lectures of additional yoga education

Elevate your career and yoga journey with our coaching and mentorship
– Platinum coaching program
– Diamond coaching program
– Shanti Atma Yoga works with very few teachers on a Diamond plus coaching program (please contact for details)
– Shanti Atma Yoga has an internship program to all alumni students

No. Shanti Atma Yoga does not organise transfer to the venue unless there is no public transport available. Venues sometimes organise transfer which can be organised with the venue directly.

If you are interested in working closely with Becky to become a Shanti Atma Yoga teacher or teacher trainer then you may email her directly at becky@shantiatmayoga.com to see if you are eligible.

Yes. All students that come back and study with Shanti Atma Yoga a second or third time are eligible for the loyalty scheme. Please enquire to Becky at becky@shantiatmayoga.com

Yes. All students who successfully complete any course with Shanti Atma Yoga are eligible to assist Becky as her assistant teacher / intern on any further yin yoga teacher training if successfully selected. For further details please enquire to Becky at becky@shantiatmayoga.com

Yes. If more than 1 course is booked at the same time then you are eligible for the reward scheme including a discount or an added value package.

No. You can book a level 1 and then attend any level 2 / 3 at any subsequent time. The reward scheme is processed when booking is made at the same time, but attendance can be at different times.

Student Success Journey’s

“It was so good to be in a nurturing space to learn about Yin Yoga. Playing around with the postures using the props to fit my own body alignment was great. I loved that it is not a one size fits all “
Ankara, UK

Yin Yoga Teacher Trining Success Stories

Kristina, USA
Lucia, Slovakia
Jacquelin, New Zealand
Jackie, Ireland
Will, USA

Our Residential Programs

Want to join other Yoga teacher leaders in a positive retreat environment while learning how to teach Yin intelligently and connect to, and attract, the right students so you can grow your community and turn your vision into a reality?

Yin Teacher Empowerment 3 Day Training

– Teach Intelligently & Inclusively – 

This residential Yin Yoga teacher empowerment training will help you develop specific teaching technique in how to teach Yin intelligently and inclusively, building your confidence and knowledge through active teaching application and implementation.

Profitable Yoga Teacher Residential Seminar

–  Attract Your Soul Tribe –

This residential Yoga business seminar is specifically designed for you as a Yoga teacher to lock arms, exchange energy and connect with other successful Yoga teacherleaders, to become ignited and inspired, and to set a plan of action to hit your next milestones with roaring success.

Level 1 Yin

– Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine –

Learning how to teach Yin safely and intelligently, making the practice accessible to all body types, is the first step to becoming a holistic Yin Yoga teacher. By tapping into the roots of Yin and Chinese Medicine,  you will be able to teach from a philosophical space as well as the physical lens.

Level 2 Yin

–  Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness –

Integrating Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness into your teaching will help you move beyond the asana, and support your students in their spiritual evolution. By accessing the internal landscape in a safe way you can start to touch upon the deeper dimensions of the Yin practice in your teaching.