How to Embody Yin Yoga

Practising Yin poses a question: what do you want to gain from the practice?
Relaxation, stress reduction, help in sleeping, release of tightness, spiritual embodiment, peace and quiet, time to reflect?

There are some principles of practising:
1. Come to the practice with patience and self care
2. Allow your inner sight to see, feel and hear each dimension of your body over time
3. Propping – always and forever befriend the props that support you on all levels
4. Drop the ego and befriend the unknown
5. Sink into your practice without judgement and labelling and enjoy time to yourself to nourish

Though finding your voice and vision is the key to teaching Yin Yoga, firstly understanding your why is paramount.

Your offering can be meaningful or meaningless.

Marrying your “why” with specific teaching methodology will seduce the message which underlays your practice. Your message that you share will define the practice. This message can be related to either one of the 5 dimensions of the body, which enables people to connect real life to practice and practice back to real life, or something else. Nevertheless, knowing your why is the first step to sharing these teachings.

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