Yin Yoga Teacher Training Portugal

Nestled beautifully into the Algarve, in southern Portugal, you get a relaxing holiday as well as an inspirational training. With local fresh Mediterranean food, incredible location is perfect for a yin yoga training, giving you the opportunity to kick back and relax while developing your Yin Yoga teaching path. Begin the day with meditation, mindfulness and conscious breathing, connecting to mama earth with barefoot living, and end the day with dipping your feet in the pool. Yin and Yoga will the day in between with wisdom and insight of self love and freedom.

Private Villa, Algarve

This spacious private villa is situated on the southern coast of Portugal, perfectly located in a space to retreat yourself. The villa itself is nestled in between two local beaches, in a rural region of Vale d’el Rei, yet not far from the local town. It’s a beautiful wonderland where human meets nature, nature meets heart and heart meets soul.

The serenity of this Portuguese countryside is blissfully unique, providing a place to retreat in nature. Each space in the villa adds its own little flavour to the course. Join the group for morning yin practice, spread out in the lounge for theory sessions, chill out by the pool during your breaks, and enjoy the view over the mountains during mealtimes.