Yin Yoga Training

Part 1: Functional Anatomy & Fundamentals 50 Hr

Part 2: Chinese Medicine 50 Hr

At Yoginah, Reading, UK

Dive into the uniqueness of your body, and teach powerfully with an embodied experience of the fundamentals

This is where Yoga teachers become empowered

Blended Learning Experience

This Yin Yoga 50hr Teacher Training is a blended learning experience available to those wishing to teach Yin Yoga or develop deeper understanding as a student. Please note that teaching assessment is a required part of the course.

There are 6 modules in total, with 3 of these taking place at Yoginah, Reading, UK on set dates and 3 modules over the Shanti Atma Yoga online learning platform.

The course is spread across a 3 month period and all 6 modules are required to complete the course. (If you would like to attend this course virtually only via zoom, then you should email purdy@yoginah.com as there are limited spaces. The investment remains the same. We recommend attending the course in the blended format for maximum benefit).


Part 1: Functional Anatomy & Fundamentals
Course Summary 


This course will give you the fundamentals and foundations needed to teach Yin Yoga safely and authentic to you, from a space of tradition and purpose and can be completed on its own or as the first half of the complete 100hrs certification.

Starting with the fundamentals of Yin Yoga and then diving into the functional anatomy of the body will give you an intelligent understanding of how you can adapt the practice for different body types. You will explore the bio-individuality of your body and its uniqueness upon everyone and how that changes asana. Yin Yoga is not how we look, it is how we feel. By learning the art of propping, you will gain a confident and solid foundation in how to teach based on individual and functional alignment, rather than generic alignment. You will be able to transfer all of what you learn to other styles of Yoga to enable optimal functioning of body movement through your physical asana practice.

Including asana practice, meditation, theory lectures, art of teaching, art of propping and asana lab, this course serves those who wish to travel deeper into the Yin Yoga practice and share this practice in a safe and confident way.


Investment: £795
Part One Only : Yin Yoga Functional Anatomy & Fundamentals 

How You Will Develop


 Confidence in yourself, your teaching and your offering

 Solid knowledge in fascia and functional anatomy

Be able to teach with advanced foundations of teaching methodology

 Confident ability to sequence from multiple approaches

 Powerful understanding of how to adapt your teaching based on who is in your class

 Cohesive and confident ability to construct holistic Yin Yoga sessions

 Ability to empower people through Yin Yoga

 Time to integrate your learning into your teaching and practice

 Be a more conscious teacher

 Receive 50 Hr YACEP certification

Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy, Fundamentals & The Art of Teaching
50 Hours


MODULE 1: Foundation of Yin Yoga (In person)
Dates:  June 11th (7-9pm),  12th 2021 (2pm – 7pm) & 13th (11:30am – 4:30pm)

In this module you will be introduced to the foundations of Yin Yoga and how to start teaching from the lens of Yin. The principles and propping of Yin Yoga will give you a great base for the remaining modules of the course

MODULE 2: Yin Yoga Intelligence (Online)
Dates: To be completed in own time and before next module

The second module takes you into the bio – individuality of the body and demonstrates why and how Yin Yoga, from a physical approach, is a functional style of Yoga, looking at skeletal variation and what that means in terms of asana.

MODULE 3: The Human Webbing (In person)

July 10th 2021 (2pm-7pm) & 11th (11:30am – 4:30pm)

This modules takes you deep into the fascial matrix of the body, adding a layer to the functionality of Yin Yoga asana. Exploring how the fascial matrix functions, and what its makeup is, will give you a strong understanding of how each body will respond to Yin Yoga asana in a different way, adding value to your teaching methodology.

MODULE 4: Focus and Intention (Online)
To be completed in own time and prior to next module

This week takes you into the heart of functional Yoga with target areas, that are unique to Yin Yoga. The target areas give you scope to focus the practice physically on a variety of different areas of the body in an intelligent and subtle way, making the practice accessible for everyone.

MODULE 5: Your Body, Your Yin (In person)
Dates: August 14th 2021 (2pm-7pm) & 15th (11:30am – 4:30pm)

Continuing the target areas this week will take you into the areas around the torso. The tension and compression part of this module gives you confidence in how to offer modifications and alterations, based on the unique bodies you have in class rather than on your notes.

MODULE 6: Integration (Online)
Dates: To be completed in own time by 31st May 2021. Certificates will be issued upon completion.

This module completes the target areas with the upper body walkabout, giving you full scope to understand the functional chains in body movement and how they affect asana and how the asana affects them.


Components of the course:
Yin Yoga Practice:
This offers you the chance to experience different classes with specific focuses and intentions, based on the modules content, demonstrating the art of teaching techniques discussed in the course. You will have a broadened perspective and experiential learning of practice.

This is the juicy bit of the course where we will have the opportunity to intricately break down the components of Yin yoga, and reveal how they all are intertwined together. You will be able to link practice and theory together for a fundamental understanding and experiential learning.

Art of Teaching:
This is what it means to teach yin yoga. This is the ‘how to’ and the ‘why’. This will give you the know-how of giving a safe and authentic class, without losing your special touch and personality.

Including: Manuals, gift bag and time with teacher.

Part 2 Yin Yoga Training:
Chinese Medicine 50 Hr


Upon completion of this course there is an option to study an additional 50hrs of Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine & The Art of Teaching. This second course is through the Shanti Atma Yoga online platform only and does not take place in person.

If you wish to do both (totalling 100hrs: 50hrs blended as below & 50hrs online) please book on Mindbody through the separate listing ‘100hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training’. 

Details for this section are below the functional anatomy part of the training

Investment: £1,095

Part One & Part Two: Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy, Fundamentals & Chinese Medicine


Part 2: Chinese Medicine
Course Summary 


The Chinese Medicine part of the training takes you into the roots of Yin. Breaking down the 5 Chinese elements you will be opened up to another world pertaining to Yin Yoga. Incorporating Taoism into your practice will give you a deepened meaning and intention to what is behind the asana. You will be prepared to teach from a both a functional point of view and an energetic point of view, following the Chinese meridian energy system.

Including asana practice, meditation, theory lectures, art of teaching, art of propping and asana lab, this course serves those who wish to travel deeper into the Yin Yoga practice and share this practice in a safe and confident way.


Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine & The Art Of Teaching
50 Hours

MODULE 7: Water
Yin Yoga is a fusion of two traditions: 1. Taoism (Yin) and 2. Yoga. This module gives you a clear introduction to the system of Chinese Medicine, based on Yin Yang and 5 elements theory. Over the course of the Chinese Medicine section, you will break down the components of each element and discuss how it relates to the Yin Yoga practice. Starting with the water element and its energy pathways, you will explore the physical, emotional and energetic functioning that this element governs within the body

MODULE 8: Wood
Introducing you to the Taoist way of thinking offers the mind space to contemplate healing powers of the practice. When exploring the wood element and its energy pathways, you will start to learn how to relate this to the Yin Yoga practice as a whole, as well as asana.

MODULE 9: Fire
In this module you will learn how to sequence energetically, based on multiple aspects of the Chinese Medicine system. The fire element gives you a deeper experience of the different dimensions of the 5 elements within the Yin Yoga practice.

MODULE 10: Earth
In this module you will learn to see the Yin Yoga practice from a space of ancient tradition and philosophy. Introducing you to the philosophical approach to Yin Yoga adds value to your teaching methodology and presents you with a deeper scope of teaching and practice.

MODULE 11: Metal
In this module, you will complete the cycle of the 5 elements with Metal. Looking at how the practice of Yin Yoga is not bound to the mat, you will gain a solid foundation of how you can integrate the practice into every moment of your life.

MODULE 12: Your voice, your vision
The last module of the course offers you a closing session on how to bring your teaching to the world, authentically and successfully.

The online portal includes:
Video classes, audio classes, downloadable PDF materials, and homework tasks. Including asana practice, meditation, theory lectures, art of teaching, art of propping and asana lab, this course serves those who wish to travel deeper into the Yin Yoga practice and share this practice in a safe and confident way.
You can see this section of the course as a part of the full Yin Yoga Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine Online Training Here