Yin Yoga and Self Love 
16th – 22nd June 

Yin Yoga is a unique practice that serves every body type and positively encapsulates the monkey mind. There are many ways to approach yin yoga and during this retreat we will be using yin yoga as a leverage for mindfulness, introducing the 5 pillars of self love, care and compassion.

This is a time for YOU
Self Care Isn’t Selfish 

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a slower style of yoga that focuses on releasing physical tension from the body’s matrix of connective tissue. On an emotional level Yin Yoga provides the space for mindfulness and emotional expression, release and connection. We must slow down and look after ourselves before we can look after others. Yin Yoga is the epitome of self love and travels hand in hand with internal positive growth, towards the rest and digest nervous system response and away from a mentally stress inducing lifestyle.

YIN YOGA, SELF LOVE AND ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils and aromatherapy have long been used as an alternative approach to reaching the emotional sphere of the body and offers deep and lasting positive effects. When combined with yin yoga, and self loving rituals, aromatherapy promotes a holistic and healing dimension to yoga – one that is more than just releasing physical tension from the body.

YIN YOGA AND SELF LOVE We could all focus on self loving habits, behaviours and actions a little more as life tends to take its stance and overwhelm a lot of us on a daily basis.This is normal but it is important that we stay balanced and healthy in our internal world. One way that we can do this is to immerse ourselves into a self loving ritual daily routines for both body and mind. Some of these include the way in which we talk to ourselves, rewiring our reactions and habit to daily life and altering our approach to the way we think about a situation.

We will induce a ritual for each pillar of self love:

– Self Care
– Self Compassion
– Self Trust
– Self Acceptance
– Self Love
Each of these emotional factors will be focused on day by day, weaving together the yoga practice, theory of essential oils used for said emotion and the art of practicing and teaching yin yoga with considerations of said emotional state.


  • 3 vegan home cooked, freshly made, meals a day by our earth mama (gluten free available)
  • Daily Juice
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 2 Hour daily Yin Yoga Class
  • Sister circle
  • Massages (at extra cost)
  • Daily workshops on:
  • Self loving rituals and limiting beliefs
  • Manifesting and visualisations
  • Past you
  • Future abundance
  • Self expression and emotional triggers

Being Facilitated by Becky and Sophie

“Sophie and Becky compliment each other in so many ways. Their presence demonstrates a pure friendship and partnership. We need more people in the world who work together like Becky and Sophie as this is how it should be” 
– Sheila, Australia


16 – 22 June
Southern Spain 

Yin Yoga and Self Love

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