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Shanti Atma Yoga International Family

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Becky, UK

Becky Khalil is the Founder, CEO and Director of Shanti Atma Yoga. She is the lead teacher trainer and teacher trainer trainer of Shanti Atma Yoga. She is the mentor and coach to the Directors of each national Shanti Atma Yoga. Becky is the sole author of module one, co author of module two and mentor to the author of module three of the Yin Yoga teacher training courses. Free spirited is her nature at heart with passion and fearlessness to reach her goals, dreams and vision, and to help everyone she meets along the way to reach theirs. Becky believes that anything is possible and loves to watch people thrive in following the fire led by their hearts. For Becky, Shanti Atma Yoga and sister company Shanti Atma Journeys is where spirit and soul come alive. Igniting self empowerment, authenticity and divine self through freedom, expression and self care is her vision for everyone she crosses paths with. She believes that becoming yourself is your truest, realest and most beautiful venture one can embark on. Her moto is to nourish your ambitions rather than feed your fears. She hopes to meet you somewhere in the world someday on your unique and quirky journey that is life.

Amanda Hanna is the Director of Shanti Atma Yoga New Zealand and sole author of module three of the Yin Yoga teacher training course – Yin Yoga, Neuroplasticity, Trauma Sensitive and Mindfulness. Based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Amanda is originally from Canada. Amanda’s down to earth nature makes you feel like you are home. The presence of her classes and her essence of Yoga is magic, giving you a feeling of openness, clarity and inner wisdom. Amanda started practising Hatha Yoga but when Yin Yoga came into her life the whole game changed. Her goal is to leave people feeling empowered and confident while sprinkling nuggets of wisdom throughout their training and yoga path. Amanda runs 100 Hour and 200 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses worldwide and she cannot wait to meet you one day either on or off the mat.

Amanda, Canada

Gabs, Australia

Gabs is a lead teacher trainer for Shanti Atma Yoga. Coming from a background in contemporary dance and a profession in Massage Therapy, Gabs was immediately taken by the synergy of technical and creative aspects of the body. Gabs believes that the body is the vehicle for transformation, and as such, aims to use insights gained through bodywork, dance and yoga to frame instruction, guiding others into a deeper sense of embodiment and connection. Gabs believes that Yoga in particular has an incredible capacity to turn up the volume on our sensitivity, engaging the inner-eye in self-study and expanding our awareness. Leaving you with an essence of interoceptive skills manifesting in how we show up in our daily lives, being on the mat with Gabs is a dream come true. She leaves you with the question and guides you to the answer – how can we reclaim our agency? She can’t wait to meet you both on and off the mat.

Joto is a lead teacher trainer in Shanti Atma Yoga and co author of the pranayama, meditation and mindfulness module two of Shanti Atma Yoga’s signature Yin Yoga teacher training course.  Being a free spirit, who is passionate about experimenting with all wonders of life, Joto hopes to plant the seed of yoga for personal growth and well-being for all yoga students. Originally coming from an Ashtanga-Vinyasa background, Joto believes strongly in powering the body with the mind. Having also sat multiple vipassana meditation courses, and studying in India extensively  Pranayama with BNS Iyengar, Joto believes that the power and wisdom comes from the regulation and the harmonious connection between the breath, mind and body. Having lived in India with Becky for some time in India training students on basic, advanced and specialist training courses, Joto has a profound message to bring to each class and course. He cannot wait to share this message with you one day soon.

Joto, Venezuela

Emma, UK

Emma is a lead teacher trainer for Shanti Atma Yoga and is passionate about introducing people to a holistic approach to health and happiness. Emma’s devotion to movement and mindfulness stem from a love of yoga, mixed movement arts, music and all things out on the water, in particular surfing! With over 800 hours of international yoga teacher training and manual therapy studies, extensive experience of running her own studio, her inspirations draw equally from eastern philosophy, life science and modern day fitness, health and wellness. Offering tools to explore their own practice, Emma’s teaching persists with a humble sense of honesty and truthfulness to self. Including an attention to alignment to what is right for the individual, not the majority. Encouraging students towards an individualised practice is Emma’s strong point and you will leave Emma’s theory and asana classes feeling empowered,  mentally, physically, energetically and emotionally, to know….well, who you are and what is right for you. Emma can’t wait to help you take your power back on and off the mat.