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Becky, UK

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Note from Becky’s student

“Becky is a very dedicated and inspiring teacher with deep knowledge and passion for what she teaches. Which made being taught by her a gift in itself. My teaching methodology has improved a lot as well as my anatomy and physiology. The way that Becky layered the information, weaving back and forth, linking in different studies, cultures, philosophies, anatomy and her personal experiences, not only made the course digestible, but left me hungry for more.”
– Binni & Claire 

Becky Khalil is the Founder and Director of Shanti Atma Yoga, Shanti Atma Journeys and the Shanti Atma Foundation. She is the lead trainer and loves working with both her students and her heartfelt teaching team. She is the mentor and coach to the Directors of other Shanti Atma Yoga and Shanti Atma Journeys branches, that host residential and online trainings, and retreats,  and is very proud for the well-being benefits, that collectively are being shared across the globe.

Free spirited is her nature at heart with passion and fearlessness to reach her goals, dreams and vision, and to help everyone she meets along the way to reach theirs. Becky believes that anything is possible and loves to watch people thrive in following the fire led by their hearts. Becky comes from a meditation background  however she takes solace in the practice of Yoga, Mindset, Aromatherapy and Yin.

For Becky, the journey of Shanti Atma is where spirit and soul come alive. Igniting self empowerment, authenticity and divine self through freedom, expression and self care is her vision for everyone she crosses paths with. She believes that becoming yourself is your truest, realest and most beautiful venture one can embark on. Her moto is to nourish your ambitions rather than feed your fears. She hopes to meet you somewhere in the world someday on your unique and quirky journey that is life.

Joto is a lead teacher trainer in Shanti Atma Yoga and co author of the pranayama, meditation and mindfulness module two of Shanti Atma Yoga’s signature Yin Yoga teacher training course.

Being a free spirit, who is passionate about experimenting with all wonders of life, Joto hopes to plant the seed of yoga for personal growth and well-being for all yoga students. Originally coming from an Ashtanga-Vinyasa background, Joto believes strongly in powering the body with the mind. Having also sat multiple vipassana meditation courses, and studying in India extensively  Pranayama with BNS Iyengar, Joto believes that the power and wisdom comes from the regulation and the harmonious connection between the breath, mind and body.

Having lived in India with Becky for some time in India training students on basic, advanced and specialist training courses, Joto has a profound message to bring to each class and course. He cannot wait to share this message with you one day soon.

Note from Joto’s student

“Joto is an authentic and dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner. I couldn’t be more thankful for having him as my mentor during teacher training. His classes are full of inspiration, and his attitude is very professional and I both felt safe and welcome whenever you are teaching. The amount of thought and knowledge that you put into your offering is outstanding”
– Bie Ni

Joto, Venezuela

Astrid, Netherlands

Astrid is a lead teacher for Shanti Atma Yoga. Whilst travelling the world struggling with a chronic disease and unhealthy patterns in life, Astrid took on a self-healing journey when she first encountered Yoga many moons and ashrams ago. This yogic journey helped her to face her demons and to live a healthy spiritual life. It provided her the drive, inspiration and knowledge which she is eager to share with others who are re-searching their own life path and healing.

As an E-RYT500 and YACEP-teacher, Astrid’s fascination is with Yin Yoga and the Functional approach. Yin Yoga became her healing-tool that she carries with her around the globe. Astrid has been invited to teach in numerous Teacher Training Courses over the years delivering the subjects of Functional and Subtle Anatomy, Physiology and Yoga Therapy. Apart from teaching, she guides clients from all over the world as a Yoga Therapist, is a Taoist Abdominal Massage Therapist and an enthusiastic Contact Improv dancer and facilitator.  All her teachings are in harmony with the practitioners own body (we are all different!) and from there she is eager to find possibilities together to learn, heal and evolve.

Astrid cannot wait to meet you on the mat!

Note from Astrid’s student

“I have very deep respect and admiration for Astrid. She is a wonderful facilitator- highly sensitive, deeply intuitive, connected to her core and the environment around.  I do not seek other’s help very often – but I can trust her 100% to help me in any difficult situation. She is amazing in her work , very skilled and knowledgeable. Warm, caring and dedicated. Thank you from the heart to be present in my life”
– Ageliki

Anna is a lead teacher and facilitator for Shanti Atma Journeys and she comes from a background in adventure travel and tourism, traveling all across the globe and teaching yoga from Spain to Costa Rica. Her yogic education originally blossomed from a Vinyasa-style background, adopting a love for a fluid connection to breath in her practice. She was quickly captured by yin philosophy and the practices’ ability to bring one home to the Self. She is passionate about helping people to connect to nature, their bodies, and the present moment through practice and meditation, no matter where they are in the world or in life.

Her teaching style is rooted in a belief in the healing energy of nature and the wisdom our bodies hold. Anna also has a passion for including sacred and yogic instruments in her meditation and classes, believing in the healing power that sound can have on the body. She can’t wait to share the magic of this practice with you!

Note from Anna’s student

“Anna has such a soothing presence and the passion shines through her when she teaches. Feeling into what she loves make you love it even more. Offering self care in one of the retreats that she does is not something to be missed!”
– B

Anna, USA