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– Om Practice & Training Portal  –

↣ Want a smaller commitment to your practice and training experience?

↣ Need some time to yourself

↣ Want to keep developing?

Sound Like You? 


The om practice portal is for you if you are either a Yoga teacher or practitioner and feel you need quietude and support in your practice. It is designed for you to evolve and develop your Yoga practice, your teaching and your life through authentic embodiment and experiential training.With monthly updates there is always something new to engage you and help you implement conscious habits into your Yoga teaching role and your life.


↣ Walk your path of Dhamma

↣ Detach from Asmita

↣ Connect with Tao



Yin Yoga Training Videos
Yin Yoga Practices
✓ Yoga Asana Lab Videos
Podcast Talks
Self Care – Well Being Courses
One Live Class / Workshop Per Month
Updated Monthly Content
Training & Development Materials

£8.99 / Month