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Soulful Sound Retreat

~ Mallorca ~

With this time to reconnect to your Self you will empower your own healing through time, space, meditation, sound healing and more, you will fall back in love with yourself.

An active reset. Hike, explore, listen to find that soulful sound within…

Through hiking, beach days, exploring the mountains, yoga, meditation and more you will go home feeling brand new!


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Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca
Soulful Sound Retreat
May 16-21, 2021



Waking up in the Tramuntana Mountains of Mallorca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Walking out your door to a grove of olive trees, nestled above the ancient Moorish town of Estellencs. Energize the day with a session of flowing, yang-style yoga before a day of hiking, workshops or relaxation…the choice will always be yours! Spend the day on the beach in the turquoise waters of the sea and enjoy delicious, vegetarian meals with fresh Mediterranean ingredients. Nourish your mind, body and soul with aromatherapy, sound healing, ceremony and cacao to dive deep into your being. Slip into a dreamy slumber for 5 nights in the mountains with nightly yin yoga or ceremony.

You are worthy of feeling your best EVERY day! Give yourself the time and space to birth a new dimension of yourself in amongst the Mediterranean Mountains.


~ Soulful Sound ~

An active reset. Hike, explore, listen to find that soulful sound within…

Because you deserve it..

Your Experience 

  • 5 Nights Accommodation
  • 6 Days Retreat
  • 2 Days Hiking with Experienced Guide in Tramuntana Mountains
  • Daily Morning Yang Yoga; Daily Evening Yin Yoga
  • Optional Workshops & Discussions
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sound Healing, Cacao, Ceremony
  • Pranayama (Breathwork) & Meditation
  • Beach Day
  • Space + Time to Relax 
  • Breakfast & Dinner Meals
  • Boutique Experience with Welcoming, Like-Minded Community




A Journey Home to the Self

Silence shows you the way your mind creates your universe ~ Ram Dass

– Discover the strength inside as we hike in Tramuntana Mountains, a World Heritage UNESCO Site

-Discover a preserved Moorish coastal town, rich with history
– Meditation and self care techniques to nourish our energetic and emotional bodies

– Feel at home in your body

-Nourish your mind with workshops, activities and sound healing

– Tune into the subtle languages of the body Discover the best techniques for you & how easily they can become part of your daily routine, to keep yourself energised.

This is your time, your space to nurture your inner self with tender loving care


Your Day 

Energizing Yang style yoga practice and meditation
Free Space — Swim, Journal, Relax
Workshop Activity
Free Space — The time is yours!

In the evening
Relaxing Yin Class
Optional Meditation, Deep Relaxation and/or Sound Healing

1,350 Euro

“I’ve had a very on and off practice with yoga—sometimes I practice a lot, sometimes I take months off—and what I love about Anna as a yoga teacher is that she really meets you where you’re at on your mat and she creates a really safe, non-judgmental space. She is also so knowledgeable in other kinds of spiritual medicine like sound healing and aromatherapy—a wealth of knowledge! I always leave feeling great and like I’ve learned something new.”

– Taylor, USA

“I tend to move through life quickly and the pranayama and breathing techniques I have learned from Anna help me slow down, focus on myself and calm my mind. I love them! I have gained so many tools that I love having in my back pocket. If I am stressed, tired or my mind is spinning on a problem I know now how to breathe and find my center”

– Jenna, USA

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