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About Shanti Atma Yoga

Svadhyaya is a sacred form of Yoga Development

Our Story

In recent years the study and practice of Yoga, and Yin Yoga specifically, has skyrocketed around the world. With more and more people coming to the practice for a healthy and holistic way of living, paying forward the teaching of traditional Yin and Yoga has never been more important. However many classes, workshops and courses focus on asana alone and let the rest of Yoga fall behind. Both Yin and Yoga are becoming more about the physical than ever before and this is not a true representation of its tradition.

Shanti Atma Yoga was founded by Becky Khalil in 2017 to provide continuing education to Yoga teachers and students who are seeking authenticity in their Yoga practice that evolves far beyond the asana, and into the tradition of Yin and Yoga as it is. Specialising in Yin Yoga, and its dimensions of body – mind – spirit – soul,  the education provided by Shanti Atma Yoga is designed to take one into the deeper realms of Yoga connecting both Yogic and Taoist philosophies to practice and practice to all dimensions of the body.

Focusing predominantly on Yin Yoga we strive to bridge the gap between the physical and the energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the practice, a gap that seems to be widening more so every year.  We strive to pay forward the traditional teaching of life from a Yogic point of view where ones practice and daily life may become one, therefore truly walking the spiritual path.

With a host of residential and online training courses, both for students and teachers, Shanti Atma Yoga seeks to offer the highest quality of training that helps one develop beyond the asana and into the experience of Yoga as a way of life.


About Shanti Atma Yoga

Shanti Atma Yoga runs Yoga Alliance Continuing Educational Programs  for both practitioners and teachers in:

Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Chinese Medicine
Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness
Yin Yoga, Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness
Yin Yoga, Emotional Intelligence & Essential Oils
Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra
5 Dimensions of Yin Yoga and Yoga Philosophy
Yoga Philosophy


We are a family for the time that we spend together on our training courses.  A family who supports one another, who shares, grows and learns together. We promise that if you honour yourself and your path, and you commit to this journey, you will never look back.

Your Yoga path will be transformed and your life ever changed for the better.

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