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Svadhyaya is a sacred form of Yoga Development

How The Power Of Yin Is Rising


In recent years the study and practice of Yoga, and Yin Yoga specifically, has skyrocketed around the world. With more and more people coming to the practice for a healthy and holistic way of living, paying forward the teaching of traditional Yin and Yoga has never been more important.

However many classes, workshops and courses focus on asana alone and let the rest fall behind. Both Yin and Yoga are becoming more about the physical than ever before and this is not a true representation of its tradition.

We empower Yin Yoga teachers reach the next level of their teaching by demystifying the 5 layers of Yin with a unique and transformational outlook. We teach you how convey that knowledge confidently and authentically through a strong and safe art of teaching method. We introduce you to, and take you on a journey, through the nuances of teaching Yin Yoga intelligently and functionally, beyond the physical and afar from asana, where a deeper purpose and meaning resides.

Bridging the gap between the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the practice,  a gap that seems to be widening more so every year, we change the narrative of what modern “Yin” has become today by  penetrating deeply into the invisible layers.

Through these layers, our trainees leave our intensive trainings, armed with next level knowledge, to share Yin in its most holistic form, whereby practice and daily life become one.

Walking on their spiritual path, harnessing truth and authenticity, is not something our students learn to do, it’s something they uncover was already inside of them.

With intensive residential retreat trainings where you will meet your tribe, as well as online training programs to create the life you want around your schedule,  Shanti Atma Yoga offers the highest quality training, that isn’t just knowledge, but a journey into the experience of Yin & Yoga as a way of life.

Begin your journey of Yin today.


Our Story And How We Rise Together


Shanti Atma Yoga was founded by Becky Khalil in 2017 to provide continuing education to Yoga teachers and students who are seeking authenticity in their Yin teaching that evolves far beyond the asana.

Becky started training Yoga teachers in India in 2016 when she was invited to become a core member of the 200 & 300 hr team for a training school in Goa & Dharamshala. This is where she developed and refined the first layer of her Yoga teacher training craft.
After some time she gained the insight of what was missing in how modern Yin was being presented today.

After sharing her insights, she was requested to create a training which filled in these important gaps and connected the missing links.

After a couple of years living her dream in India, learning from everyone possible, her Mother unexpectedly passed away and her life turned upside down.


She had to leave India to return home.


She left her passion of training Yoga teachers and didn’t know what to do.


And this is when the invites started coming….


… People had noticed how her Yin training’s were not only changing the teaching standard across the board, but also changing lives across the world.


Becky received 4 invites to 4 different continents in 4 weeks, to bring the foundation Yin Yoga training program around the globe..


This was the birth of Shanti Atma Yoga.

And the beginning of when Becky started to realise there were so many things that Yin Yoga teachers were not talking about, and even worse, not incorporating or considering within their teaching..

It was also the beginning of when she realised, quite brutally, how we don’t have long on this earth to live our dream, fulfil our purpose and accomplish our goals…


Since Shanti Atma Yoga started, Becky and her lead trainers, have built have 5 signature Yin Yoga training programs and 2 Yoga Business Empowerment programs to help all walks of life transform their teaching, opportunities and communities.

Becky particularly has a passion for helping people not only teach Yin at a higher quality, but step into their power as a transformational Yin Yoga teacher and taking charge of their destiny. By this she means, help people set up and grow their Yoga business to reach their tribe, while earning the income they deserve, and helping make the world a better place through their impact.

Join your tribe today.


Create The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of


We are a family for the time that we spend together on our training courses.  A family who supports one another, who shares, grows and learns together.

We laugh, cry, grow.. we breakthrough barriers, and we do it together.

We promise that if you honour yourself and your path, and you commit to this journey, you will never look back.

Your Yoga path will be transformed and your life ever changed for the better.


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