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Feel Rested. Recharge Yourself. Get away.  Love yourself

Yoga Retreats For Your soul

Rest & Revive 
Workshop Retreat
8 – 15 September, 2020
Pyrenees, Spain

  • Food

  • 7 Nights accommodation

  • Daily Reviving Morning Yang Yoga

  • Optional Discussion groups

  • Optional Workshops

  • Daily Restful Evening Yin Yoga

  • Welcome Bag

  • Journal

  • One on One consultation with lead teacher

  • Retreat Bliss

  • Like-minded community Love

  • Unforgettable boutique experience

Your Reviving Day
8.30Energising Yang style practice (Hatha, Vinayasa, Sivananda)
10:00   Breakfast
Free Time
Morning optional one to one session
1.30pm Lunch
Free time 

Your Restful Evening
17:45 – 18:45   Restful Yin style Practice
20:30-21:00     Optional Meditation & deep relaxation

This is a different kind of Yoga holiday…

On this Rest and Revive boutique yoga retreat you will revive and restore your yin and yang natural rhythm

Waking up to the beautiful Spanish mountains opens up your day with grace. Starting your morning with Yoga offers your mind some space. Nourishing your body with earthy food feeds your soul at the base. Slipping into the evening with Yin leaves behind any trace!

Experience the Restful & calming effects of different Yin techniques. Explore the Reviteslising & energising  Yang techniques.

With the space and time that you deserve you will have your holiday delight!  You will recharge your batteries while developing your yoga practice and have the opportunity to learn something new!
Whether you are looking for relaxation, to learn something new, to deepen your understanding and experience of Yoga, or some time out, this holiday bliss is for you!


You will receive a wide offering promoting the restful revival of each dimension of your mind – body – spirit. You will feel AMAZING!

Here is how…..

Experience the Reviteslising & energising Yang Approach to Yoga
– To help focus the mind – Mental Body
– Increase the flow of QI – Energetic Body
– Find strength and mobility – Physical Body
– Increase happy hormones – Emotional Body
Discover the best techniques for you & how easily they can become part of your daily routine, to keep yourself energised.

Explore the Yummy Yin Approach to Yoga
– To help calm the mind – Mental Body
– Relax the nervous system – Energetic Body
– Assist recovery – Physical Body
– Relieve stress – Emotional Body
Discover which techniques work best for you, so you can integrate them into your life when you return home & continue to keep yourself rested and calm.



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We believe that there are many retreats out there that serve a beautiful purpose, but what if you want to learn something new as well as relax? You have come to the right place!

Our philosophy is rooted in self empowerment, self care, self development, radical acceptance and unconditional love. We are passionate about the naturally transformative beauty this can bring the mind body-body-spirit disconnect.

Designed to be a home away from home, our relaxing retreats are designed for you to vibe with your tribe, befriend your body and your practice a little deeper. Learning some behind the scenes magic of Yin Yoga is an added bonus! This is your time to take some well deserved time to nourish, ground and be good to yourself.

All of you is welcome here!

Every part of your being has a place here with us. Yin Yoga is the epitome of self care and self empowerment, and travels hand in hand with internal positive growth, towards the rest and digest nervous system response: the response that we so deeply forget in our daily lives.

Our immersion retreats are much more than simple relaxation. They focus on resetting you within the 5 dimensions of the body, physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally, spiritually. Transformation you from everyday overwhelm, stress and scarcity into rejuvenation and abundance.  This is your time, your space, your journey.

Happiness is home-made!
We have faith in you. We encourage you. We love you.

See below for dates and locations

Our Students

“Sophie and Becky compliment each other in so many ways. Their presence demonstrates a pure friendship and partnership. We need more people in the world who work together like Becky and Sophie as this is how it should be” 
– Sheila, Australia
“This space is exactly what I needed. It is so healing, peaceful and really gives you a lot of space. I love the energy of the teacher and the vibe of the whole retreat. Thank you for giving me a piece of myself back” 
– Nina, USA