Post Training Mentorship

– Radically Growing Your Offering & Expertise With Support  –

Developing your offering can be an intricate process where a lot of questions arise. When we leave the bubble of a teacher training course there becomes present a whole plethora of situations that we haven’t prepared for, as the teacher training focuses 100% on the teaching, not the offering or the journey of bringing the offering to your community.


Do You Feel..

– Lost in how to create a transformational offer that stands out?

– Confused in how to move from classes to workshops and retreats?

– Confused in how to get your offering “out there”?

– Worried that your offering won’t match your audience / community?

– That you still have elements of your teaching that you need to practice and develop?

– Stuck in a mindset that keeps you in lack mode rather than abundance and growth mode?

– Scared to create, market and run your first workshop or retreat just in case nobody comes?

– That you still have questions and nowhere to get them answered?

– That you still need support?

We Hear You!!


We Know That Training Is Just The Beginning And We Are With You Every Step Of The Way 


When we step out of the training bubble and into the “real world” where we create, market and sell our offer as well as facilitate and develop our offer, it can be a challenging space to navigate by ourselves. We have seen this time and time again and upon request have developed a unique mentorship program for your specific post training journey.

After training one must consider many points, of which some are: 
1.How to keep filling the gaps of your teaching development on a personalised level
2. How to create content that your community need / want
3. Consistent support in making the right decisions (for you AND your community) with a success mindset
4. How to move from classes to workshops to retreats and acquire students
5. How to reach your audience and acquire the right students for your offering
5. How to always stay motivated, organised and positive
6. How to keep your mind trained for success while solving unexpected problems


Post Training Mentorship

With this 6 month program, and 5 different mentors, who work with you individually but collectively as a team,  you will not only feel held, heard and nourished but you will enter a space where you are supported in turning your vision / dream of your Yoga offering into a reality. You will start to develop the life that you have always wanted, and that you deserve, in a way that feels like home for you, with a guided pathway of particular steps to follow. Getting support and guidance from people who have all been in your position many years ago, you can step into your truth in a heartfelt way. 

–  We have built this based on experience, questions and real life circumstances and struggles of the post training journey – 

100% One – to – One:
Tailor made by us for YOU

✓ Personalised Yin Yoga Teacher Training Development

✓ Content Creation Support and Guidance for Classes, Workshops, Retreats or Courses

✓ Yoga Business Strategy,  Implementation and growth

✓ Mindset Training for optimum success in life, Yoga and business

✓ Meditative life coaching


This is a 6 month program with 15 sessions in total.

What You Get: 

✓ 5 Mentors
✓ 15 Private, one to one, one hour sessions
✓ Private community group with additional live training content, support and networking

Meet Your Team

Astrid: Netherlands
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Development 

Joto: Venezuela
Content Creation & Development 

Becky: UK
Yoga Business Strategy & Implementation

Matt (Sharky): UK
Mindset Coaching

Anna: USA
Meditative Life Coaching

With your 5 mentors you will be supported in successfully navigating the 5 fundamental steps and stages after a Yoga teacher training that catch people off guard. Through this process you will be able to shave off years of trial and error, wasting energy on the wrong approaches, while increasing your impact and your income, that give you the life you have always wanted while serving your community for a deeper healing experience that is authentic to you and your offering.  

Step#1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training Development

Supporting you in the elements that still need attention and training, and that most likely still have questions, Astrid will take you through a journey that aligns with you wherever you are. Whether you need practice in developing the safety of the practice, the sequencing or the teaching from an energetic space, Astrid will keep you developing to your highest potential within the Yin Yoga teaching space. Whether your interested approach to Yin Yoga is Yoga or Taosim, or diving deeper into the other dimensions of the practice, Astrid will help you deepen your understanding of how to teach with your most authentic voice and in a way that truly resonates with you and your community…

 Then you are ready to go to step #2 and turn your teaching into an irresistible offering that can serve so many people, all over the world.

Step #2: Content Creation for Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Courses

There is a difference between creating content that you want and what your students / community need. Consistently developing an offer that stands our and is unique, yet fundamental, can be challenging. Joto will help you prioritise what is the most important aspects of your offer and how you can bridge them together seamlessly, based on who you are, what your skill and passion is as well as who your community are and what they need. Putting effort and energy into creating a set of content that you can constantly tweak and deliver to give transformational results, with Joto, you will refine and learn how to forever diversify your offering so that you never stop growing or serving your community. The most important part is that your content will be based on your community, not only you.

When you have your offering ready, it’s now time to move to step#3 and send it out into the world to be received.

Step #3: Yoga Business Strategy, Implementation & Growth

Getting your offering out there can be a confusing thing and can easily feel like you may get lost of the sea of Yoga teachers and programs already exisitng. Becky will help you structure who you want to help and how you are going to reach them. By refining your understanding and skillset in marketing and sales your offering will have a unique strategy whereby you will not only reach the right people but give them value along the way. Learning what to do, when to do it and which order to do it in will shave years of trial and error off your launch or growth, helping you serve your community easier and faster and with more powerful results.

Then it’s time for step #4 where you must learn keep your mind in success mode when problem solving. 

Step#4 Mindset Coaching

Moving through the post training journey can throw you challenges and unexpected problems that you need to find a way out of, by yourself. Sharky specialises in mindset coaching and has coached many entrepreneurs and business owners in how to not get lost in the self, or the identification that the self attaches to with problems and challenges that are arising. He will help you gain a new perspective on how to approach whatever arrives next. This is more than a positive mindset. Sharky will equip you with internal resources whereby you can take agency over your mind and learn how to, not only coach yourself out of difficult situations, but how to diffuse the situation calmly while staying in a success mindset.

Then it’s time to live your truth and make great decisions through step#5 

Step #5: Meditative Life Coaching


ANNA: When developing an inspirational offer of Yoga business that helps people on many different levels, there are a lot of decisions to make and a lot of different paths one may walk. To always make sure that you are being truthful to yourself and your path, as well as making the right decisions on where you want to head in your business and your life, Anna’s meditative life coaching will help you stay on track in a way that feels authentic to you. Being more than life coaching, Anna’s style of supporting you is through a meditative lens, whereby you learn to take agency over your decision not only through logic but through trusting in your higher self and what you feel drawn to. We often get swept up in the “how are we going to do it” and lose focus on what we are trying to achieve. Anna bridges it all together and will bring you guidance on achieving what you want in life. 

Then the cycle of these 5 stages keeps flowing and moving and you are on the way to radical growth, returning to step #1 for a new and fresh cycle of development and creation