Welcome to the Self Empowerment School Podcast where we dive into how you can find, create and ignite your self empowerment senses. Through Yoga, travel and adventure, mindset and passionate business, this podcast invites you through a gateway to access higher levels of performance, in mind, body and spirit, while coming home to yourself. This is experience, wisdom and stories from everyday people to everyday people.

Every passion has a story and this story begins with finding your power from within. From radical self care, to deep self love, we explore the epicentre of it all, your self empowerment soul.

Will, owner of Thai Eco-lodge Suan Sati, shares with us his life techniques of how you can maneuver your mindset around starting something that you have always wanted to do, like running a yoga retreat centre!

Life is Sacred! Anna, collaborator of Shanti Atma Journeys, shares with us her wisdom of how to use essential oils in times of need. “Creating this blissful state within you that is empowered from essential oils is not only a blessing but makes you feel like you are always home” – Anna!

One way to harness our inner power is to get clear. This episode goes through a step by step process of how we can start without getting over or underwhelmed. Becky poses the question which she believes is at the epicentre of it all: are you actually scared of succeeding just as much as you are of failing? Awareness of this answer can change everything!

Business owner, Marcin, speaks with us about how he faces challenges in business by training his mind and focusing on meditative techniques, that not only still the mind, but also invite in a creative flow.

In this episode mindset coach, Sharky, speaks about how we can re-frame our mind to see ourselves differently, in order to take our power back. Compartmentalising the different parts of you is one way, but first he suggests starting with asking questions to find out who you truly are and why are you on your path…