Nutrition, Yoga Wellness and Fitness Retreat
21st – 27th September

Nutrition and Fitness are two of the fundamental pillars to overall well-being. Yoga wellness is a beautiful yin like approach to well-being and married with a more active approach of training the body and mind, we can balance the yin and the yang. This retreat will energise you from your inner core outwards, while giving you the space to relax and refresh. Spending time with yourself or making new friends, you will gift yourself with the opportunity to embrace and embody fundamental lifestyle habits that will sculpt a fresh mind and a positive healthy body.

This is a time for YOU
Self Care Isn’t Selfish 

Set in the Spanish Pyrenees about, 1 hour away from Barcelona, Can Felicia awaits. The quiet setting and scenery is enough to take you to complete relaxation and the views are ones to remember. The beautiful and traditional building offers a Spanish charm, taking you away into another world.

Nutrition and Fitness Well Being
Although relaxation Is key, there is time to release some endorphins and get the heart pumping! We all know the benefit that regular exercise has on the body and here, you can learn how to sustain a healthy body through exercise. This will include regular group based classes, hikes, functional based strength training, resistant band training, core workouts and partner based workouts. There will also be daily challenges to release the inner champion in you!

Yoga Well Being
Enjoy walking barefoot into the shala where the day can melt away onto the yoga mat. With Yin and Yang yoga sessions, ‘love your mind’ meditation workshops, and mindful living you will be taken on a journey to fully embrace self love, self care and self compassion every morning and evening.


  • 3 vegan home cooked, freshly made, meals a day by our earth mama (gluten free available)
  • Daily Juice
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 2 Hour daily Yoga Class with Yoga Teacher Trainer, Becky
  • Group fitness exercise with personal trainer, Georgie
  • Daily workshops on:
  • Nutrition
  • Love your mind meditation and mindfulness
  • The marriage of fitness and yoga well-being
  • 30 minute personal basic lifestyle and habit analysis


21st – 27th September
Pyrenees, Spain 

Nutrition, Yoga and Fitness Well Being

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