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Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Mallorca is one of the Spanish Balearic islands and certainly holds a special place in the world. Home to mountains, ocean, old towns, tapas and Spanish culture, this is an island not to miss. The magic that vibrates through the island is one that connects human to heart. Spending time in this paradise you will definitely feel grounded and at home with that comfortable yet holiday feel.  This is the perfect place to retreat yourself and to practice Yin Yoga.

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Colls Des Pi, Mallorca

Our space is a beautiful wonderland where human meets nature, nature meets heart and heart meets soul. The intention within our this is to be a place to practice Buddha-Dhamma through meditation, asana yoga, integration of all the elements and community living. Underlying this intention is the view that every moment is an opportunity to practice.

With a private swimming pool to dip in between classes with a priceless view, there is no other space to immerse yourself in to the self care of Yin Yoga. The olive trees will shade you from the sun while the blue waters of the ocean will nurture your soul. With a quaint feel, the freedom you will feel in this venue is one of bountiful beauty. Being close to hikes and smaller communities, this is where we can embrace the epicentre of living Yin. 

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I require some Yin in my life. This course was great. What Becky, Gabs and Michelle did was amazing all from the 4 bodies, 4 principles, anatomy, chinese medicine & 5 elements, sequencing and the villa and the heart warming group of people.I learned how to take Yin and Yoga off the mat which was one of the best results of the course as well as learning to theme with the 5 elements. I hope to run workshops with the help of Becky and her mentorship. What you do at this school is amazing, thank you – keep dong it! Arna

Yin Yoga Teacher Training