“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”



The Spanish feeling is one that cannot be forgotten. With beautiful weather and a sense of lingering warmth deep into the evening it is easy to embody Spain’s energy. With local fresh Mediterranean food this little hot spot for a yoga training is one that manifests health and wellness, naturally and effortlessly. Begin the day walking bare foot and end the day with dipping your feet in the pool and connecting to Mother Earth. Our venues create a home away from home feeling, making you feel grounded and nourished.

This is the perfect place for short walks and natural beauty. Being on of Europe’s most beautiful countries, there is plenty to see and do on days off.




Bali has a special kind of magic that brings wonderful people together. In the space we create on this course we dive into the wonderland of this island magic and explore what it has to offer. Ubud is a beautiful wonderland where human meets nature, nature meets heart and heart meets soul. The intention within our venue is to be a place to practice Buddha-Dhamma through meditation, asana yoga, integration of all the elements and community living. Underlying this intention is the view that every moment is an opportunity to practice.




Thailand is a country full of culture and adventure. With tropical weather and a sense of jungle peace, Suan Sati holds a magic that glistens in its energy as soon as you step foot on its earth. With locally fresh home-made Thai food, being nestled away in nature gives a feel of solace and peace. Disconnect from the world means more time to connect to self. This is our aim in Thailand.


New Zealand


New Zealand is a fresh county, gleaming with beauty. Full of trails, nature and a wondrous sense of adventure, New Zealand is the perfect place to explore. Based in Queenstown, our venues boast a warm quality of friendliness and heart, surrounded by mountain glory.