Shanti Atma Foundation 

 The Shanti Atma Foundation is a private entity that supports a variety of causes in helping sustainable, grassroots development of both individuals and communities.

 Being financially supported by all events offered at Shanti Atma including, Yin Yoga teacher training courses, Spiritual Pilgrimages and Mentorship Programs, means that whenever you take that next step with us in developing your Yoga teaching journey you are also helping someone else develop theirs, and bringing clean water to marginalised, rural communities.


Project #1: Not for Profit spaces for local Yoga teachers on teacher training courses.


Project #2: Bringing clean water to the indigenous Maya region of Solola, Guatemala.

Project #1: Not for Profit spaces for local Yoga teachers on teacher training courses.

People are teaching Yin and Yoga all over the world but teacher trainings are not always accessible to them. In every residential course we run we hold one space that offers a not-for-profit place for a local Yoga teacher who is dedicated in developing their teaching further. They must be teaching and sharing Yoga with their community to be eligible.


Meet Yong ~ Thailand 

Yong is from Thailand and is teaching mainly Yang based Yoga classes. He teaches in hotels and eco-lodges as a volunteer. While Yong is teaching Hatha based Yoga, he knows that to really benefit his teaching, and the lives of his students, he needs the complementing Yin Yoga style for a holistic approach. Yong has the desire necessity to develop his teaching, just like anybody else in the world. After all, there is always space for self empowerment from Yoga! Yong has been offered a space on our Foundation Yin Yoga teacher training program to help him empower his students from safe Yin Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and overall self empowerment.
Yin Yoga Meditation

Meet Puspa ~ Bali 

Puspa is from a village just outside of Canggu in Bali. Being local to the island Puspa takes great pride in spreading the healing benefits of Yoga with her local community as well as travellers. Puspa has completed the foundation Yin Yoga training course which lead her to be a part of a 200 hour teacher training team. Puspa has is in the first steps of opening a Yoga community centre for her local village. To enable her to empower her students she needs and desire constant education and development. Puspa has received an offer for the next Yin Yoga teacher training course: Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness where she will be able to advance her skills, as as a result be closer to reaching her goal and spreading the power of Yin Yoga.

Project #2: Bringing clean water to rural indigenous Maya region of Solola, Guatemala.

Founder Becky Khalil lived in Santiago, Atitlan, Guatemala working for a variety of Non Governmental Organisations in helping communities develop with grassroots, sustainable initiatives.  One of the biggest challenges in the area is the lack of clean water which leaves children drinking unsanitary water and has often stunted their growth due to the lack of nourishment. Shanti Atma Yoga is supporting a project created by Jose Xoch, someone who Becky worked with locally, to provide water filters to the communities of Solola where people, particularly the children, can have access from clean and healthy water.

Project Manager: Jose Xoch
Project Name: Vision Comunitaria