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7 – 8. 45 am: Meditation & Asana

9 – 10 am: Breakfast

10 – 1 pm: Theory

1 – 2.30 pm: Lunch

2.30 – 5.15 pm: Theory: Art of Teaching & Art of Asana

5.30 – 6.30 pm: Empowering Practice

7 pm: Dinner

This schedule is subject to small change depending on time of year, location and weather at venue.
Morning Practice:
This is the main practice of the day and is pure Yin yoga with mindfulness meditation and breath work interwoven through the practice. The first week will have a strong focus on the functional approach to yoga, targeting the physical body incorporating tension and compression, physical target areas and myo-fascial release through yin yoga asana and tennis ball trigger point release.

The second module will layer upon module one and have a strong focus on the energetic approach to yoga, targeting the energetic dimension of the body and incorporating all subjects from module 1 whilst adding the Chinses 5 elements into yin yoga asana.

This is the juicy bit of the course where we will have the unique opportunity to intricately break down the components of Yin yoga and reveal what it all means in its true form. In the first module we break down skeletal variation and dive deep into fascial studies. The second module is an introduction to Chinese Medicine, 5 Elements and Qi (energy, prana, Ki, vital life force). Some of the theory classes will have supporting educational videos / documentaries or workshops to accompany the lecture. This session is to give you the scientific and theoretical foundation needed for a deeper understanding of Yin yoga.

Please have a notebook and pen ready to go. It may be useful to bring a couple of notebooks and coloured pens.

Art of Teaching and Asana Breakdown:
These classes are where we will breakdown what it means to teach yin yoga. This is the ‘how to’ and the ‘why’. You could call this the ‘behind the scenes’ of yin yoga teaching. The art of teaching is a discussion-based class and participation from students is welcome and encouraged.
Asana breakdown is a practical class where we break down the Yin yoga asana (target area, cueing, propping). This requires small group work from students for experiential learning. This session is ultimately about you and to build your teaching expertise.

Please have a notebook, pen and yoga mat at the ready.

Evening Practice:
Evening practice incorporates a multitude of inner practices that range from yang styles of asana to meditation circle. The idea of this more inward and explorative time of day is that we close the daily session with introspection and connection to the self.